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Details of the Final Results (Updated May 30)

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Between May 2 through May 19 *Period is over, thank you for joining!

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Intermediate Result (Updated May 6 18:15 Japan Time)

Thank you very much for participating in our 2016 poll for the most popular johnny's entertainment groups. We would like to report the 1st intermediate result (MAY 6). 

And . . . we have overwhelmed that we have already have received over 1,000 votes up to this time, just for 5 days after it started! Along with it, we've got very hot comments from you, and we'll introduce several of them during the offer period. So stay tuned.

Back to the poll. 
You can see ARASHI placed on the 1st while KAT-TUN is on the 2nd and, the differences in votes between the two is about 100. But actually, votes for KAT-TUN is rapidly increasing more than ARASHI. It seems that a fierce battle between them have already started . . . !

Have you already voted? If not, let me hear your voice!

Intermediate Result (Updated May 13 Japan Time)

We have been overwhelmed, again. Now nearly 6,000 votes have been cast to support the groups . . . !

We are also surprised with this intermediate result that KAT-TUN is getting the 1st place with 1,544 votes, surpassing ARASHI with 1,211. And very interestingly, votes for NEWS, KANJANI8, and Hey! Say! JUMP are neck and neck, and they are rapidly increasing. We can't guess at all who's going to win until the very last minutes.

Let me introduce to you several comments to runners of this fierce battle.

Rona (Philippines) voted for KAT-TUN

once a hyphen, always and forever a hyphen. We will always be here waiting for your return.

Thank you for your touching comment. Yes, not a few hyphens (KAT"-"TUN fans) said to their recharge period. Let's hope they come back soon with an awesome album.

Kitty (Germany) voted for ARASHI

Watching their TV Shows or listening to their music after a stressful day gives me the energy I need for the following days!

100% agreed with this. They are source of energy to survive stressful days!

Jacie Huang (USA) voted for NEWS

NEWS has come a really long way and the four remaining members have so much determination and resolve, as well as the tightened bonds between members and between fans.

Everytime we see this kind of moving comments, we strongly feel how big fan power is. Well, we still have several days to the end. Keep your eyes on us.

Intermediate Result (Updated May 18 18:00 Japan Time)

Who could have imagined this?
We are seeing that KAT-TUN is currently on the top with 2,533 votes, surpassing ARASHI with 1,865.

Only 30 hours left.
We are waiting your action until the very last minutes. . . !

Intermediate Report (Updated May 23 09:30 Japan Time)

Those of you participated to the fan vote for Johnny's Entertainment Groups, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! The poll period was over on May 19th, and we are counting a large amount of votes, selecting comments, and making a special page offering extra rewards points on the products of the group placed No.1 in the poll.

We'll be back with the final results & the extra points offer next week (around May 30th), and will notify them via J-Pop news mail magazine & this page.

So please stay tuned a little longer.

Final Results (Updated May 30)

  1. KAT-TUN (3327)
  2. ARASHI (2126)
  3. NEWS (1993)
  4. Hey! Say! JUMP (1618)
  5. KANJANI8 (1550)
  6. Johnny's West (252)
  7. SMAP (174)
  8. Tackey & Tsubasa (158)
  9. Sexy Zone (146)
  10. Kis-My-Ft2 (119)
  11. A.B.C.-Z (115)
  12. V6 (114)
  13. SixTONES (60)
  14. KinKi Kids (38)
  15. Johnny's Jr. (20)
  16. TOKIO (14)
  17. Mr.King vs Mr.Prince (3)
  18. Travis Japan (2)
(Total Votes: 11829)

Cerebration Offer for KAT-TUN

Ends June 6! Earn Extra Rewards Points on KAT-TUN Products!