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WAGNUS.: Pursuing Higher Quality in Every Detail

WAGNUS. is a Japanese headphone cable manufacturer making it especially for re-cabling for headphones/earphones. Making a cable is like a composing a song. Based on that as a motto, WAGNUS. makes their products all by hand, one by one with pride. Exclusive 3-month warranty is available for purchase at CDJapan.

Story of WAGNUS.

Based on a long-time experience of a musician/sound engineer, Haruyuki Kume started a music label named WAGNUS. in 2006 and at the same time, he started making audio cables to meet rising demands by professional musicians/engineers & audiophiles who were looking for genuinely useful tools. Since then, their sophisticated cables have got a high popularity both in Japan and overseas.

Re-cabling Basics

Let's Get Started: Replacement of Earphone/Headphone Cable

New Product: Zillion Sheep

Zillion Sheep_image Zillion Sheep is one of the ultimate headphone cables for recabling proposed by WAGNUS.

The letter "Z" is the last letter of the alphabet and sometimes used to mean "nothing higher than this exists," "the best", "the last", or "the ultimate".

Zillion Sheep series has an extreme structure that surpasses the tremendous specifications of the brand's high-end models of the past, and it brings together the brand's entire career and know-how to deliver a sound that no one has yet experienced.

There are three types for each sound characteristic (NU-1, NU-2, NU-3), and many connector types are available for each. Please check product pages for more information about their sound characteristics.
SEE Full Lineup

Latest Flagship: OmniSheep

OmniSheep_image New Flagship Headphone Cable

All audiophiles from around the world, come gather around. Although WAGNUS. has already gone a step ahead of others on making the highest-class audio cable, they did it again with a new flagship model named "OmniSheep" . . .


Leading Product: Frosty Sheep

FrostySheep_image Ultimate Headphone Cable

WAGNUS. devoted all of their career to produce their flagship product, "Frosty Sheep," a replacement cable for headphones. They propose us the ultimate listening experience with it crafted by taking no account of . . .


WAGNUS. Reviews from Audiophiles All Over The World

WAGNUSReview_image Reviews & Comments on WAGNUS. Products

Up to this time, products from WAGNUS. have been highly-acclaimed not only from people in Japan but also audiophiles all over the world. We have compiled links to great reviews/comments on WAGNUS. products to help your further understanding about WAGNUS. . . .


WAGNUS. Buying Guide

FrostySheep_image Before Buying WAGNUS. Products

Does the product warranty apply to my order? How do I check the compatibility between my device and WAGNUS. cables? We've compiled answers to them all in one place in FAQ style.


Pursuing Higher Quality in Every Detail

They know every details - of course on design - affecting the sound quality, and they stick to almost everything on a production process of audio cable such as: thickness of conductor, copper structure of conductor, type of conductor plate , type of insulator, number of core wires, sheath material, plug, and assembly technology.

WAGNUS. finishes that production after the fundamental thinking of how the loss of electric transmission affects frequency bands. Moreover, Haruyuki Kume, the CEO of WAGNUS., gives another perspective to it from his long-time experience as a sound producer to obtain the best outcome of the sound.

This is the one of the reasons why WAGNUS. products have been used and loved by lots of professionals, not only by regular listeners.

WAGNUS. Series

[FEB 26 2021 Release] Zillion Sheep

NEUTRON / Crystal Lily / BLUE MOON / MOON LESS / Water Lily / Ginger Lily /
Magnolia Lily / Oceanic Moon / aenigma Variations / Meridian / Voskhod / Proton / LUNA / Diamond Dust type "aenigma"

Frosty Sheep -Mastering edition- / Frosty Sheep -Emotional edition-
Silence Sheep -Mastering edition- / Silence Sheep -Emotional edition-


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