Q. Does the product warranty apply to international orders?

Yes. the warranty of WAGNUS. applies to orders placed at CDJapan.
*This is not applied for purchase via our Proxy Shopping Service.

For international orders, WAGNUS. exclusively provides us with a longer warranty than it does domestically.

The warranty is 3 months, and the warranty starts from the date when your order, including the item, is shipped from us.

No additional costs and registrations are needed. However, you are required to cover shipping fee. *Except for the initial failure.

Before you send a product for repair, please make an inquiry to our support team first.

CDJapan Support: info@cdjapan.co.jp

Q. How can I check the compatibility between my device and WAGNUS. cables?

You have to be sure you are choosing a cable with appropriate connectors that fit your earphones/headphones and audio players, or you won't be able to connect them!

For the player side,
WAGNUS. offers 2 jack types to their products: "3.5mm 3 pole" and "2.5mm 4 pole."

It might be okay that you don't take much care about it because these 2 types are industry standards and there are conversion cables to change compatibility of each one to another.

For the earphone/headphone end, however,
you need to take much care because port types are widely vary depending on manufacturers.

WAGNUS. offers various connectors for various types of sockets.
Please be careful to check the product title, again.

For Example (Product Description Page)


As shown above, the latter part of the product title says "UE Custom type." This means that this product is compatible with a headphone by "UE Custom."

If you have even a slight concern on it, feel free to ask us: info@cdjapan.co.jp

When you contact us, please send the followings so that we can solve the issue quickly:

1. Close-up photos of your headphones/device (incl. socket).
2. Official product name of your headphones/device (incl. model number if possible).
3. URL of the page of the product that you are considering buying.

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