With a simple yet powerful aim to make the best audio cable in recabling history, WAGNUS. has researched and experimented with countless numbers of materials and combinations to meet their ambitious aim, two years after they released their previous flagship product, "Frosty Sheep".

After countless trials and errors, they finally found the ultimate materials and perfect match to propose "OmniSheep" -- the new flagship model from their popular "Sheep" lineup.


  • Cable Plug:Pure copper plug.
  • Clear PE tubing and silver mesh material.
  • Cable color: Silky white.
  • Cable length: 120cm (approx.)
  • Consists of 8 twisted core wires (each core has 40 strands / 320 strands in total).
  • [Litz Construction] First grade OFC (Oxygen-Free copper) pure silver plated conductors are twisted in a special way, taking great care on the direction of the winding and twisting process, which is the key factor for the perfect frequency balance.
  • Features an ultra-wide frequency range and flat sound for mixing and mastering usable in world-class mastering studios.
  • The pure double silk wrapping adds flexibility to the cable which allows users to use over-the-ear style headphones such as SHURE headphones. (No wires included. Enables to fix the shape of the cable up to a certain extent.)
  • Carefully selected superb quality solder. Assembled by highly-skilled WAGNUS. craftsman specializing in custom builds and quality renovations.
  • All process are done by the hands of WAGNUS. craftsman.
  • Applies beautiful Kyoto Opal material as the embellishment on the ear connectors. Kyoto Opal is a proprietary synthetic opal material developed by Kyocera Corporation. (Visual discrimination: White = R Side / Blue = L Side)

Various Types Available

As the previous "Sheep" lineup, "OmniSheep" also has various types, each features different connector.
In addition to it, WAGNUS, offers different plug types: 3pole single-end / Balanced 2.5mm 4pole / Balanced 4.4mm 5pole.

*Product pictures shown do not represent the actual product. WAGNUS. manufactures the actual product based on the specification stated on the product title. Please check the product title again carefully (especially on connector spec) and make sure compatibility of connectors between your device's and the product you are considering buying.

Balanced 2.5mm 4pole

3.5mm 3pole single-end

Balanced 4.4mm 5pole

Close-up Image

*The plugs shown do NOT represent the actual ones as they are vary depending on your choice of a plug type.

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