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TAGO STUDIO: Headphones Delivering The True Sound

Delivering the true sound by sound experts. With that theme, Kunio Tago, a professional music producer/musician who also runs a recording studio "TAGO STUDIO", gathered needs and wants of top-end recording engineers as well as artists. He finally created the device and named it with the pride as, "TAGO STUDIO T3-01".

TAGO STUDIO Leading Products


t03BK_image TAGO STUDIO T3-03 (BK): New monitor headphones that inherit the DNA of the T3-01

The T3-03 BK is based on the ultimate natural sound of the T3-01, a flagship model from TAGO STUDIO.

This time by placing the sounds closer together, the density of each sound is increased, resulting in a sound that is more intense and dynamic.
To reduce the burden on the user, the design and materials have been redesigned to make them lighter and slimmer.

In addition, a newly applied folding structure (swivel) has improved its portability.


t03W_image TAGO STUDIO T3-03 (GAMING PKG): The best monitor headphones becomes the strongest gaming headphones

The TAGO STUDIO T3-03 (GAMING PKG) is a dedicated gaming package that includes the T3-03 in white color and the T3-PM01 cable with microphone.

They focused on the similarities between the sound required for music production and gaming, and thought that the elements of the best monitor headphones and the strongest gaming headphones, such as sound separation and resolution, would be one.

The microphone was developed in collaboration with Primo Corporation, a pioneer in microphones, to create an uncompromising studio-quality boom microphone.

Although it is named "gaming", it is also designed for daily PC meetings and chatting with friends.
A new masterpiece that can be used in a wider range of applications has been born.


t01_image TAGO STUDIO T3-01: Headphones Delivering The True Sound

T3-01 a flagship headphone from TAGO STUDIO.
In 2014, with the background of the CEO Tago's previous music career, he started running a professional recording studio in Takasaki, Gunma where he cultivated his long music career since school days. The name of the studio is "TAGO STUDIO TAKASAKI."

In response to the requests and opinions of top recording engineers and artists who have used the studio, he developed the "TAGO STUDIO T3-01" headphones.

It won a number of audio-visual awards, including Japan's most prestigious audio-visual award "VGP2018."
With that, he established the "TAGO STUDIO" brand in the industry as a "Made in Takasaki" brand.


t02_imageTAGO STUDIO T3-02

T3-02 is the latest model from TAGO STUDIO.

The T3-01 headphones were developed and released with the aim of achieving the "ultimate natural sound" that only TAGO STUDIO can provide, and they have been very well received by many people.

In contrast to the T3-01, which was designed to be used in a studio, the T3-02 is designed to be used not in a studio but a daily life.

The T3-02 is designed to be used not in a studio but a daily life, which is not always a quiet environment and requires attention to sound leakage to the surrounding environment, so we considered it an especially important factor to have a high level of sound insulation.

Who's CEO Kunio Tago

CEO_image Composer, Music Producer / Director, Tago Studio Takasaki

Born in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture September 4, 1973.
Mr. Tago has played in bands since he was a student and was heavily influenced by American rock music. At that time, he became a household name among anyone in the local music scene, sweeping every music contest held in the area before moving to Tokyo for the next step in his musical career.

While moving forward with his solo career, sending his demo tape to various record labels, he also worked with artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki, hitomi, Every Little Thing, Ko Shibasaki, and AKB48 to produce a great number of big hits.

In 2008, a song he produced called "home” made its debut with the singer Yusaku Kiyama on NHK's Kohaku Uta Gassen TV program.

Mr. Tago constantly strives to unearth and nurture new talent through his work as director at Tago Studio Takasaki, his first-ever attempt at running a professional recording studio.

TAGO STUDIO Frequent Questions & Answers

Q. Does the product warranty apply to international orders?

Yes. TAGO STUDIO's warranty applies to orders placed at CDJapan.
The warranty starts from the day you place the order. You can confirm the validity of your warranty at your account page. No additional costs and registrations are needed. However, you are required to cover shipping fee. *Except for defective products.

Before you send a product for repair, please make an inquiry to our support team first.

CDJapan Support:

*Warranty period is different depending on a product, and it is indicated on a description of a product page.

Q. Are there any shipping restrictions?

Yes. At this point, TAGO STUDIO products cannot be shipped to the following countries/regions due to a restriction set by the manufacturer: China, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Korea, Taiwan.

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