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Fishmans New Release in 2024

Fishmans Movie Now Available as Blu-ray

If you've already known Fishmans, this might be a nice choice that you add some to your collection. If you have not, this might be the high time to get to know this great band.

First of all, one of their legendary live performances, which was originally released as DVD, is reissued as LP format and CD format in 2021.

Wakainagaramo Rekishi Ari 1996.3.2 @ Shinjuku Liquid Room

In this title, their most recognizable single "Nightcruising," which is from "Aerial Camp," is also performed.

"Nightcruising" is also featured on the first trailer of "Movie: Fishmans," which is started to broadcast on theaters in Japan from July 9, 2021.

If you have not known Fishmans at all, this might be a good start to experience the atmosphere of their unique sound.

Fishmans Movie Trailer

If you see the comments on the video above, you might notice that really a lot of people outside of Japan commented enthusiastically.

Fishmans Movie Exclusive Collectibles Available via CDJ Proxy Shopping Service

Exclusive collectibles commemorating the first movie of Fishmans are available for order thru our proxy shopping service.

Who is Fishmans?

Fishmans is a Japanese band formed in 1987 in Tokyo by Shinji Sato (vocals, guitar, trumpet), Kin-Ichi Motegi (drums, vocals, sampler), and Kensuke Ojima (guitar and vocals).
With their unique reggae/dub-based sound and the lead singer Shinji Sato's vocal performance, they were highly-acclaimed especially in the 1990's in Japan.

From 1995 through 1998, they released three albums "Aerial Camp (Kuchu Camp)," "Long Season", and "Uchu Nippon Setagaya," which hugely impacted to lots of musicians.

After the long hiatus due to Sato's sudden death, they occasionally hold concerts, welcoming various vocals.

The three albums are still available for order at this stage.

Why Fishmans is becoming more and more popular internationally?

By the way, why Fishmans is becoming more and more popular internationally? Many of you may have heard of them for the first time through this title. The reason why I guess so is "Otokotachi no Wakare 98.12.28@Akasaka Blitz" is featured on Rate Your Music, an online community of music lovers. The site also features community-based charts that track highest-rated releases.

Surprisingly, in their "top albums of all-time" chart, "Otokotachi no Wakare 98.12.28@Akasaka Blitz" is ranked 17. Above, Radiohead & Coltrane. Below, Kendrick Lamar & Miles.

fishmans ranking

fishmans ranking

We cannot know why people in Rate Your Music rates Fishmans, a band that was relatively unknown to the world, that high. You could say that this is thanks to internet.

In any case, since I (the author) grew up with the sound of Fishmans, I am very happy to know that many people overseas know about them.

"Otokotachi no Wakare 98.12.28@Akasaka Blitz" captures the band at their peak. At the same time, as the title indicates ("Otokotachi no Wakare" = "Farewell of Men"), this concert captures the last moment of the main three musicians of Fishmans.

After this concert, the bassist of the band Yuzuru Kashiwabara left the band.

Let's back to the main topic. On August 4, three official albums will be reissued as LP as well. On October 20, two official albums will be reissued as LP as well.
All of them become 180g LP format. Uses hi-res audio tracks remastered by zAk and Kimuken (Kentaro Kimura).

Fishmans in 2021

How is Fishmans doing? Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the band, they held concerts occationaly. Kin-Ichi Motegi took charge of the drums and vocals. His high-pitched voice sounded as if Shinji Sato had stepped into it, and it made me realize that this band is not nostalgic, but a band that lives in the present.

Hope this article help your understanding on Fishmans.

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