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Write a review on any K-Pop CD on the product description page at CDJapan.
When you write a review, don't forget to put the hash tag "#KPOPReview" at the very end of your review so that we can find yours.
How to write a review/review guidelines & important notes

Where K-Pop CDs are?

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Offer Period

From September 3 until September 24, 2021.

Offer Bonus Details

We will be awarding 200 rewards points to 100 participants, who wrote helpful reviews, by a lottery.
We will be awarding 500 rewards points to several great reviewers carefully selected by CDJapan staff.

By the end of September, we will select them, and give rewards points to customers who wrote eligible reviews. Plus, we'd like to feature several great reviews here.

What's Rewards Points?

If this campaign ends, there may be another one (And there may be another chance for you to earn points, too.)

If we receive a certain number of reviews, we will eventually hold a poll and announce the ranking of the most popular KPOP CD on CDJapan.
Candidates for the poll will be determined by the number of reviews received for the CD during the offer period.
We have a plan to award participants who vote, so, stay tuned!

Tips to be featured and get rewarded

Write under review guidelines & important notes.
Write more than 100 words.
Write a review that will make people who read it want to listen to the CD.
Use simple words so that your review will be easy to understand.
Do not write about things not related to the CD you review (ex. shipping, tax, etc.).

And . . . , show your passion & love for the CD & artists.

#KPOPReview We've Received So Far!

t02_imageTWICE: Better [Limited Edition / Type B]

BETTER B Version (5 Stars)

This version of the album contains a sticker sheet, which is limited to this version only!
In my opinion, this version has the most beautiful cover photo out of all TWICE's releases.
Not to mention, the CD is amazing! BETTER is my favourite Japanese song out of whole TWICE discography and . . .

2021/09/10 kasia from SOUTH KOREA (Thank you kasia!)

t02_imageBTS, THE BEST [2CD + Blu-ray / Limited Edition / Type A]

Ultimate BTS - a must for fans (5 Stars)

Fantastic collected of songs highlighting the progression of BTS from their early songs right up to date.
he boys have matured along the way into a slick band with fabulous production and catchy tunes inc ballads and dance tracks A must buy for fans and those new to KPop.

2021/09/07 Janet Puzzar (Thank you Janet!)

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