The Blu-ray edition additionally includes documentary on the concert, "ROAD to ORCHESTRA." Also comes with two CDs featuring the concert.

The DVD edition features alternate live scenes of two songs, each focusing on KAMIJO only.

Bonus Details (updated on June 6)

*These are the first pressing bonus and will end when the bonus stock run out. So . . . be sure to check them out!

CDJapan exclusive KG-sized photo (Type A)

Bonus Design

CDJapan exclusive KG-sized photo (Type B)

You will receive a CDJapan exclusive bonus KG-sized photo (B) if you purchase the DVD (SASDVD-45) and the CD (SASCD-99) together in one order. This offer runs on a first-come-first-served basis, and will end when the bonus stock runs out.

Bonus Design

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