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How This Offer Works

We are offering CR-M1, a latest headphones model from Artio to 2 selected applicants for a trial period of 4 weeks.

How to Apply?

Please fill out required information via the following application form and submit it by March 8, 2020.

The 2 winners will be contacted by the end of March, 2020.
 *A number of the winners and the deadline of application might be revised depending on the high demand.

Application Form

Application Form: Free Trial for Artio "CR-M1" Headphones [Google Form]

Trial Sample for the Winners

CR-M1 (In-Ear Headphones)

Detailed Description
CR-M1: Try Artio's New Headphone Technologies


What Can You Get Out of This?

  • You can use it after the try out period is over. *It would be great that you keep reporting follow up reports after gaining a further understanding on the product (such as aging).
  • Simply try them out wherever and with whatever customized audio components you prefer without limits.


  • In case you are selected, a CDJapan customer account is required for you to receive the sample.
  • Although we will give you the headphones for this offer, it is completely no need to any praise or whatever. We want your gentle and honest feedback.
  • Participation is completely free for charge, as we provide the shipping cost.
  • Even if the headphones you received is defected, we cannot replace it.

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