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I am very honored to have been chosen by CDJapan in their "Try out Artio 'CR-M1' Headphones for Free in your Room" campaign.

Since receiving it, I have been using it in my studying, as well as in my leisure time, like taking phone calls or listening to music while commuting. Whether studying inside my room, commuting outside or staying in a busy cafe, its performance shows how versatile this product is.

If you are taking language exams or taking any listening tests, these headphones are perfect for you.

The buds serve as "noise-cancellation", so you can really listen clearly. They fit my ears perfectly. Plus, they come in a really cute bag that you can put your earphones in when not in use.

(from CDJapan staff) She provided Japanese texts for this review, and it is also a great read. I have put her original texts and English translation for each. I believe that she made this great Japanese sentence while wearing CR-M1!

Artio CR-M1 Review by in Japanese w/ English translation by CDJapan Staff

CDJapanの「Artio CR-M1ヘッドフォンをお部屋で無料でお試しください」キャンペーンで選ばれたことを大変嬉しく思います。それが届いてから、勉強の時や、通勤中に電話をかけたり、音楽を聴いたりする時のために利用しています。部屋で勉強するときも、通勤するときも、にぎやかなカフェで過ごすときも、この製品は多方面に渡るパフォーマンスを見せてくれます。

I am very pleased to be selected for the CDJapan's "Try the headphones in your room for free" offer. Since it arrived, I've been using it for studying, making phone calls and listening to music while commuting to work. Whether I'm studying in my room, commuting to work, or spending time in a bustling cafe, this product is a versatile performer.


If you're taking a language exam or listening test, this is perfect for you. The earpiece section has a "noise cancellation" feature so you can hear clearly. It fits my ears perfectly. Plus, it comes with a really cute bag that you can put your earbuds when you're not using.

また、CDJapan がとてもかっこいいステッカーを送ってくれたことをShoutoutします。 私のMacBookに誇らしげに貼っています。

Also, I shoutout to CDJapan for sending me some very cool stickers. I proudly put it to my MacBook.

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Artio RK01 Review by from her Instagram feed


Artio CR-M1 Headphone

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