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Hikaru Utada

This Album fight the Blues! 4

Good album of Hikaru Utada. Most of the songs are very good, and there is also the two interpretation of Flavor of Life. The Best songs are Fight the Blues, Heart Station, Heart Station, Celebrate, Prisonner of Love, and Flavor of Life. It's a very good J-Pop Album! Hikki Forever!

Heart Station 3

Not as good as I hoped. Though the vocals in 'Beautiful World' and 'Kiss and Cry' were commendable, and I am rather pulled into the melody for track 13. The album is ok, but I certainly expected more...


私の声が聞こえてますか? "Can you hear my voice?" Those are the words that run through my head even time I think about the album. The album is soooo good - it has the most plays on my media player. The album opens up wonderfully with Fight The Blues, followed by Heart Station and Beautiful World. These three make for great morning songs on my walk to school. The album is easy to listen to; I can listen to it anytime during the day or night. The rest of the songs by are good enough that they can stand alone as singles. Once again, Hikki has done an amazing job.

Famous singles in one album. 4

This album includes many her famous single such as EVA 1.0 ED and CM songs, J Drama " Last Friend" and "F4" theme song, Shampoo Cm song. The songs in this album are high quality as always. Utada fan don't miss this. First timer Utada fans, I recommend this album for your first try of Utada song.

宇多田ヒカル - Heart Station CD 5

I bought this cd only because of the song "Prisoner of love" which was used as a theme song in a j-drama called Last Friends. Heart Station suprised me greatly, it's full of great songs such as "Fight the Blues", "Heart Station" and "Flavor of Life". "Stay Gold" is very beautiful song, I instantly fell in love with it. Utada Hikaru is very talented artist and she really brings her best in this cd, Heart Station is nice and smooth j-pop album with touch of r'n'b, not forgetting the unique voice of hers!

Between good and bad... 2

I was expecting a lot of this album before the release but once i heard it who was a bit disappointed. The album is a compilation of previous singles, there is only 5 exclusive songs and they are very flat... "Flavor of Life" is twice in the album, we would prefer a other song than the kid song "Boku wa Kuma". Well, a lot of wrong choices.

Stop at this station! 5

Probably one of Utada Hikaru's most outstanding albums to date, "Heart Station" is packed with amazing tracks, ranging from the amazing "Prisoner of Love" from the drama "Last Friends" to the theme song for the new Evangelion movie, "Beautiful World." Even the ballad version of "Flavor of Life," used as the closing theme for "Hana Yori Dango 2: Returns" is included, as well as the lighthearted and adorable "Boku wa Kuma." Overall, "Heart Station" is full of tracks demonstrating not just Utada's growth as a J-Pop artist, but also the breadth of emotion that a "pop" artist can convey. Each track is amazing!

Music is born once again 5

Utada is an amazing person. Throughout her career, she has been writing and composing most of her own music. She never stops to amaze listeners. The lyrics are beautiful and they contrast well with the music, building this sound scape that's possible for anyone to imagine as they listen through. The tunes in each of these songs are unpredictably imaginable and so acceptable. It's hard to think such tunes like these would exist. This album surely is a great example of how music is an endless flow of creativity. The hours Utada spent in composing and writing at home surely payed off once again. For those wondering, this album includes her singles since 2006's Bokuwa Kuma (I'm a Bear) to the most recent 2008 single Prisoner Of Love. This means that many great songs are surely included in this album as well as the new material. Even better, this album is mastered by Ted Jensen. Mastered from Sterling Studios once again, this album sounds just as great when listening. Unless you understand Japanese, you'll probably get a little idea of what the music is about to not understanding it at all. Buy this album regardless of whether you understand Japanese or not. Only then you can understand why such music like this exists in Japan and in today's time in music. Fav Tracks: Fight The Blues Heart Station Beautiful World Flavor Of Life (both versions) テイク 5 虹色バス

Touching Album 5

Hikaru's great album HEARTSTATION's really good... My fave song's CELEBRATE, but the best is FLAVOR OF LIFE!!! All the cd's really enjoyable! Why didn't she release any CD+DVD version!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Another strong album from Hikaru 5

Heart Station is Hikaru's strongest album yet without trying to throw too much at the listener in one go like Ultra Blue, her previous album. It can be easy listening or something to really get into depending on your mood, and the new tracks such as "Take 5", "Prisoner of Love", and "Niji-iro Bassu" are amazing additions to the album. Heart Station's sound is a mix between Ultra Blue's strong synth and her R&B roots which makes for a great combination. Highly recommended.

Really good! 5

This is such a good album. All the songs sound so good and all are created by Hikki herself! The songs that, in my opinion, stand out the most are "Prisoner of Love", "Stay Gold", "Take 5" and "Beautiful World". Well worth buying!

The long awaited album 4

That's a very cool album ! There is also "boku wa Kuma" and both versions of "Flavor of life" in the tracklist !

Heart Station 4

This is the first Hikki album that I enjoyed listening to. I have heard her previous work, but none of it really stuck. The songs here are definitely more on the uplifting and sunny side (moodwise) than her previous album. Of course, the singles are good and there is a decent amount of variety overall. "Heart Station," "Stay Gold," and "Flavor of Life" are my favorites.

Powerful Album 5

This is another amazing album from Hikki that showcases her ever evolving skills! Although most of the tracks are not as aggressive as some tracks in ULTRA BLUE the album builds a strong presence.

Lovely Album 5

Heart Station is a wonderful album-- all of the tracks have a really beautiful feel to them. Boku wa Kuma seems like an odd inclusion, but it's a cute song, and helps lighten things up a bit. The CD booklet is nice as well, printed on glossy paper with good photos of Hikaru. If you're a Hikki fan, you should definitely pick this one up!

Great Album 3

Great album but not better than Ultra blue. It has great songs and excellent lyrics but the problem is that half of them were already singles and 2 of them were the same song -_- But the rest of the song are incredible, thx Hikki ^_^

Felt like a Singles Collection 4

This is one of Utada Hikaru's best albums, but it felt more like a singles collection then an album. Maybe because nearly 2/3 of the CD tracks were released as singles makes it feel like that. I really liked how Utada got original with the songs. The transition into Celebrate from Gentle Beast caught me by surprise and Take5's beautiful lyrics and abrupt ending were nice. Niji-No Basu is an original song with a happy beat but depressing lyrics. Overall I'd recommend you get this album, but be careful. It really felt like a singles collection but get it for Take5 or Gentle Beast + Celebrate.

Hikki Continues to Make Great Albums 5

Really a diverse album. Some of the tracks on this album really make it relaxing to listen to. Heart Station, Stay Gold, Beautiful World are great. I'm glad Prisoner of Love became a recut single because it definitely has A-side potential. Catchy to listen to.

I fell in love with this album! 5

This is not an in-your-face album. It is a super laid-back album that will grow on you more and more. Utada is definitely one of my favorite artists, and I pretty much enjoy all of her albums (a couple were a little weak), but something about HEART STATION is very soothing and fresh. I have been playing this album non stop for the past 3 months and I am not the least bit sick of it. I used to be a downloader, but this album made me into a buyer! I can honestly say this is the first album I have ever fallen in love with!!

Another flawless album... 5

Plain and simple: This is an incredible album - I wasn't dissappointed with any one track and each sounded of the highest quality. The CD packaging is also nothing short of great: Ultra-glossy booklet with various pictures of Utada looking as good as she always does. This is a must buy!


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