Starting from July 1, 2018, it will be necessary for online retailers located outside Australia to begin charging Australian consumers the 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) that Australian government collects, if the annual turnout is over a certain amount.

This will apply to CDJapan. In order to continue serving our customers in Australia, we must comply with this new regulation. Therefore, we will begin applying the 10% GST on orders placed on or after July 1, 2018. This will apply only to item prices but not to shipping charges.

We will not apply this taxation on any prior order we received before this date. To ensure that prior orders are not taxed, we will need to make them unavailable for modifications. This means it will not be possible to make modifications to such orders in your customer account or to add items even before they are still not in shipping process. If for any reason any modification (excluding cancellations) needs to be made to such orders, please note that the 10% GST will need to apply.

Before the implementation of this regulation, Australian customs office collected the 10% GST directly from people receiving goods sent from overseas, if the value of goods brought into the country is AU$1,000 or higher. This rule will remain the same. This means that they will continue charging you the 10% GST directly, that is, if the total value of items in your order is AU$1,000 or higher. This also means that CDJapan will not apply the 10% GST if the total price of items is AU$1,000 or higher.

We understand that this will prove to be a bit inconvenient for our customers located in Australia, but we look forward to continuing to serve you.