Starring Ren Nagase (King & Prince), Kentaro Ito, Tamaki Hashimoto, and other up-and-coming young cast members as members of a school cycling club.

Deluxe editions come with a special memo pad on a first-come-first-served basis and two bonus DVDs each featuring visual commentary with Ren Nagase and Koichiro Miki (director), promotional TV special program, making-of and event footage collection.


Onoda Sakamichi is a high school student who commutes from Chiba to Akihabara on his citybike. He tries to join the high school anime club, but is shocked to learn that the club is now closed. Then, a classmate, Shunsuke Imaizumi, sees Sakamichi riding his bicycle and asks him to compete in a race. After experiencing the joy of riding a bicycle for the first time, Sakamichi is invited to join the cycling club by his classmate Shokichi Naruko, whom he meets in Akihabara...

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