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My Happy Marriage DVD/Blu-ray & OST

Deluxe editions include two bonus discs including visual commentary, making-of, promotional TV special, event footage collection, and trailers plus a zipper bag. Feature Slipcase & digipak packaging.

In addition, First Press of the deluxe editions come with a booklet and a mini clear folder.

Original Soundtrack by Akiyuki Tateyama


The story takes place in modern Japan, a country that has been remarkably civilized. For generations, people from families who have inherited special abilities (xenophobia) have been protecting the people from various disasters, along with the emperor who governs the country. Miyo Saimori, the eldest daughter of a family with unusual abilities who lives in a mansion in the imperial capital, was born without her abilities and has lived a life oppressed by her stepmother and half-sister. She has given up on everything and lives with endurance. She is ordered to marry Kudo Kiyoka, a ruthless and merciless soldier who leads the Alien Force at a young age, as a political ploy. As rumored, Kiyoka coldly tells Miyo that she must obey him. Miyo, who has nowhere to run and nowhere to return to no matter how harshly she is treated, begins to realize during her time at the Kudo household that Kiyoka is not the man his reputation suggests he is. As Kiyoka is touched by Miyo's thoughtfulness, the two come to see each other. However...


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