Mikio Fujioka of Trick Box "Trick Disc" Re-pressed

First CD Release from Them Added (Updated on March 8, 2017)

This page will give you information on each member of Kami Band, or God Band, a great backing band formed to support the three of BABYMETAL with their "God-like" skills. If you get thrilled with videos below, check several products from the members listed along with info.

Mikio Fujioka

Mikio Fujioka Twitter Account

Mikio Fujioka Products at CDJapan

At first, take a look on this video, showing Kami Band very well.

At concerts, they transform themselves into like Sadako and look anonymous to the audience. But lots of BABYMETAL lovers know well their true faces. Yes, they are skilled musicians in Japan.

Leda (ex. UNDIVIDE, DELUHI) (Guitar)

Leda Twitter Account

FED (Far East Dizain) Complete Listings *Added on This Page on APR 19

UNDIVIDE Complete Listings

DELUHI Complete Listings

Takayoshi Ohmura (Guitar)

Takayoshi Ohmura Twitter Account

Takayoshi Ohmura Complete Listings

BOH (ex. BINECKS) (Bass)

*Image sourced from his twitter account
BOH Twitter Account

BINECKS Complete Listings

Hideki Aoyama (EVER+LAST) (Drums)

*Image sourced from his twitter account
Hideki Aoyama Twitter Account

Yuya Maeta (ex. Blue Man Group) (Drums)

Yuya Maeta Twitter Account

We hope videos, links, and products from the members above help to further understanding of BABYMETAL.

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