How The Offer Works

On your Twitter or Instagram feeds, post an emotional comment to the game you think it's the best to play during quarantine.
Don't forget including a hush tag #BestQuarantineGame in that post so that we can notice yours.

Every week, we will select a winner and give 1,000 rewards points to your CDJapan account (you can create it at CDJapan Sign In page) *We'll contact your social pages if you won the offer so please follow us!

*If you want to join this offer via Facebook, comment directly on this post.

Great Posts from You

FFXV! The story is <3 I don't get tired of playing it. And I've played it for about 5x already! Just seeing the chocobros and those random pictures Prompto takes makes you feel like you're in the game! I'm on my way for the 3rd ending of Code Vein, and whenever boredom strikes, I resort to its character creation!
Hanna May Canta from comments on the Facebook

My best quarantine game? No doubt it's Ace Attorney. It might be an old series, but the storyline for every game is great with the constant turnabouts. (And then there are the handsome prosecutors to stare at during quarantine *cough*)
Mikki Ta-Chan from comments on the Facebook

Popular Game Series

Popular series at CDJapan are listed below. They are a part of the results from our customers via a brief survey on social pages (Twitter / Facebook). If you write about a game (game OST is OK as well) from the list, it would be great. But ultimately, it is no problem at all which games you write about, unless we can call it as game!

Atsumare Dobutsu no Mori (Animal Crossing)

Final Fantasy




The Witcher 3

Ryu ga Gotoku

Phantasy Star Online

Super Mario Brothers

Devil May Cry

Dragon Quest

Resident Evil

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