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Re:NO's CD & DVD

1st Solo Album: Dreamer

"Dreamer" Live Show DVD (Region: All)

Re:NO's Poems

Re:NO's Apparel & Collectibles



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Acrylic Stand, Sticker & More

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Still Haven't Found Re:NO Items You Looking For? Then, Request It!

As you might have noticed, some items listed here are listed based on our customers' requests through our proxy shopping service, in which we buy products instead of you NOT available at our shop BUT others in Japan. When you find products available to buy online but not listed at our shop yet, feel free to request through here.

You can search your items on VAA OFFICIAL STORE, or any other online shops in Japan.

Important Notes About Proxy Shopping Service

This is the item requested through our Proxy Shopping Service, and please note the followings before you purchase it.

1. Cancellation and return will NOT be possible after you order this product.

2. Service fees will be added, which will be displayed as "Standard Fee" and "Service Fee" in Order Summary.

3. Payment method is limited to credit card or PayPal.
*Orders using other payment methods will be canceled.

4. Additional shipping fees will be charged after we get information on procurement cost and the actual weight. You will receive an email telling about the details.
*You may be refunded or NOT be charged in some cases.

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