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What is the viral phenomenon of Felip?

Inspired by the viral phenomenon, I asked the people the following question, and got over 500 replies.

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Who are the Filipino artists/groups or other Asian artists/groups you are paying attention to? And they replied . . .


SB19 is a Filipino boy idol group that debuted in 2018. They are so popular that they are called the 'KINGS' of P-POP, gaining international attention as well.


FELIP is a member of the internationally popular P-pop group SB19 and a driving force in the Philippine music scene as a solo artist.


BINI is known as the nation's girl group of the Philippines. They have a wide range of charm, from cute concepts to more mature images.


HORI7ON is a seven-member Filipino boy group based in South Korea, formed in 2023. The members are Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus. The group was formed through the survival show "Dream Maker" and debuted with their album "Friend-SHIP." They have gained attention as the first all-Filipino boy group to officially debut in South Korea.

The group's name, "HORI7ON," signifies the seven members pursuing their dreams towards the same goal. Their fandom name is "ANCHOR."

HORI7ON is active in both South Korea and the Philippines, and they are expected to be a new global pop group blending K-POP and P-POP. Since their debut, they have been steadily building their reputation, including appearances on Korean music programs.


BabyBlue, a unit born out of AKB48's sister group MNL48 based in Manila, Philippines, consists of COLEEN, AMY, and Frances. The group's high quality music, which spans genres from authentic R&B sound to Hip Hop and EDM, as well as their idol-like visuals and cool performance, has been attracting attention mainly on SNS.


ALAMAT is a boy group representing eight major Filipino languages, embodying multilingual and multicultural diversity. Their characteristics include: Unique musicality distinct from K-POP, Colorful and bold costumes, Songs rich in traditional Filipino elements.

Press Hit Play

Press Hit Play, a Filipino boy band formed in 2018, consists of members CHRLS, Yuuki, JP, and Sev. They debuted with the single "WIN" and have released several other singles. Press Hit Play has won awards like "PPOP Male Stars of the Night" and "Most Promising PPOP Group of the Year." They are known for their energetic performances and contributions to the P-pop genre.


KAIA is a Filipino girl group consisting of Charice, Angela, Alexa, Sophia, and Charlotte. They released their pre-debut single "Kaya" in December 2021 and officially debuted with "Blah Blah" in April 2022. The group is signed with Sony Philippines and ShowBT Philippines, releasing several singles and appearing on various TV and online shows. They have been nominated for several music awards.


UNIS is a multicultural global girl group that includes 2 Filipinos, GEHLEE & ELISIA, as well as 1 member who is half-Filipino and half-Korean, JIN HYEONJU. They debuted on March 27th with their song "SUPERWOMAN" & aims to emerge as the leading idols of KPOP 5th generation.

They really are a great team which is currently based in Korea. They are 8 members global girl group from Korea with members from 3 countries. 4 members are Korean, JIN HYEONJU, which is the leader and half Filipino BANG YUNHA OH YOONA LIM SEOWON, the youngest of the group 2 Japanese members, NANA KOTOKO 2 Filipino members GEHLEE ELISIA Although this group is not hailed from the Philippines, Filipino fans are proud to support the members.

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