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  3. Shopping for workaholics
  4. Shopping for Dog Lovers
  5. Shopping for Cat Lovers
  6. Shopping for Outdoorsman
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About the Author

Article by Burcu

Another year has come to an end. It's almost the new year. It is time to spoil ourselves and show our thoughtfulness to our loved ones. It doesn't matter if you are an otaku, a Japanese culture lover, or just another shopping lover. There are plenty of items for all types of people here in CDJAPAN. I selected a few of my favorites from CDJAPAN websites. I hope you like them too.

Shopping for shopaholics

Who doesn't love shopping, right? But if you say my love for shopping is on another level, and you want to combine this love with Japanese culture, here are a few suggestions for you. There are market bags, chopsticks sets, hair accessories, folding fans, and so on. If you want to select something special, you may consider buying Tenugui. It is a traditional Japanese towel with different patterns, which is suitable to give as a gift.

Shopping for workaholics

You can be an otaku and still look presentable and classy at the office with the ties and tie pins, watches, ball pens, and letter openers CDJAPAN sells. You can also enjoy using pen stands and notebooks.

Shopping for Dog Lovers

If you say I love animals but especially can't give up loving dogs, here are a few items related to Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu dogs are cute hunting dogs that come from Japan.

Shopping for Cat Lovers

We can see cats around Japan since the 6th century. There are cat cafes, a bookstore, a cat island, and even a shrine dedicated to cats. If you are interested in cats in Japanese culture, don't forget to read my article about it.

And here are a few items you may love to buy for a cat lover.

Shopping for Outdoorsman

If you are looking for a gift for a nature lover, we have pleasant gift options. And before deciding about the presents, don't forget to check out my "solo katsu" and "experience a laid-back camp" articles.

Shopping for Travellers

If it is time to encourage your family and friends to visit Japan, these are just the things you need for your shopping list. First of all, holy notebooks will help you create unique memories. These notebooks sold in CDJAPAN are for goshuin stamps, which you will collect from shrines. You can make a goshuin rally and make your own collection. Goshuin are stamps and signatures unique to every shrine.
And here is a reminder: You can also rent a sim card from CDJAPAN when you travel to Japan.
If you and your friends are planning an anime pilgrimage, don't forget to check my "Tokyo's anime movie real-life locations" article.

Shopping for Bookworms

If we could find a genre suitable for our liking, we would all become a bookworm. Here are book covers to protect your books and fancy bookmarks that can suit them.

Shopping for Foodies

If you and your loved ones love cooking and can't say no to anime and manga, these items will cut out for you all.

Shopping for History and Art Lovers

There are many books and calendars that you can buy for history and art lovers. Firstly, I want to introduce the artists of the items I choose.
Hokusai is a well-known artist who lived in the Edo period. Most of us probably can notice in a heartbeat his one of the most known works that contain sea waves. That art piece is called Kanagawa Oki Nami Ura.
Hiroshi Nagai is a painter who made City Pop Art in the late 1970s.
Hiroshige is known as one of the six most-known ukiyo-e artists.
Seizo Watase is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator with colorful and unique drawings.

Proxy Shopping

And don't forget, if there is an item you want to buy from Japan but can't find in CDJAPAN, they can shop on your behalf and make that available for you with proxy shopping.
You can also order multiple items from different shops (including CDJapan) and have them shipped together.

About the Author

Özlem Burcu Öztürk
Author, Culture Blogger, Scriptwriter, Documentary Director

Ö. Burcu focused on the significance of intercultural communication and since 2015, she has done volunteer writing to establish a bridge of culture between Japan and the world.

She released four story books; Shine Like A Star (2016, English and Turkish), Chocolate Flavored Murder (2017, English and Turkish), The Guardians Series Book 1 - Dream (2018, Turkish, English and Japanese) and Mystery Vacation (2020, English and Turkish).

She continues to focus and work on projects that can enhance intercultural ties.

Instagram: @authorburcu
Twitter: @AuthorBurcu

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