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    JICO, established in a remote location, has developed a unique technical strength due to its geographical challenges. Originating in 1873 as a sewing needle manufacturer, it has evolved over the years, applying its needle-making technology to produce steel needles for phonographs in 1949 and record needles in 1966. JICO's record needles, numbering around 2,000 types for approximately 30 brands, are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring high quality and dedication to the "made in Japan" ethos. This commitment extends beyond record needles to various other precision products, demonstrating JICO's dedication to innovation and quality in the analog audio domain.

    For more details, visit their website: JICO


    Chuden, established in 1996 in Gunma, Japan, continues the legacy of analog record cartridge manufacturing amidst the digital age's rise. Originally part of another company, it was rejuvenated by Takeshi Taruya to focus on ceramic and MM cartridges, now predominantly offered as OEM to domestic and international brands. In 2018, Chuden introduced its own brand, aiming to provide high-quality cartridges that embody the company's values of customer satisfaction, cooperation, and community engagement, honoring the founder's vision for durable and accessible analog audio products.

    For more details, visit their website: Chuden


    Since its establishment in 1986, Shelter has been a Japanese analog audio specialist manufacturer, continuing to produce high-end phono cartridges using traditional methods. All Shelter MC phono cartridges are handmade in Japan by skilled technicians and personally quality-checked by the founder and designer, Yasuo Ozawa. The brand name "Shelter" signifies the hope to become a haven for vinyl enthusiasts worldwide, a place where they can trust and find solace in their pursuit of the pinnacle of music playback. The "Legendary Line" series carries forward the faithful technical heritage from the golden age of analog record playback in the 1980s, offering timeless brilliance.

    For more details, visit their website: SHELTER


    TARUYA, founded by Tsuyoshi Abe, a professional PA sound engineer with over 40 years of experience, specializes in crafting high-resolution cartridges for DJs and record lovers. Aimed at delivering a powerful and dynamic sound, especially for dance music, TARUYA cartridges are a testament to exceptional Japanese craftsmanship. Each cartridge is meticulously handmade by skilled artisans, focusing on overwhelming sound pressure unlike any other. With over 20 years in production, TARUYA has gained global recognition among DJs and vinyl enthusiasts for its superior sound quality

    For more details, visit their website: TARUYA

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