Ado's live work "Mars"

Ado brings a live video featuring her performance at the Nippon Budokan on August 30, 2023 from one of her live tours.

The regular edition includes audio commentary by Ado and a booklet.
In addition to the above, the limited edition comes with a live photo book, a B4-sized poster, a sticker, and a glittering postcard. *The contents of those collectibles are the same in both limited editions (TYBT-19039 and TYXT-19033).
Comes housed in a hardcover slipcase.
Also, the Blu-ray of the limited edition features Dolby Atmos sound.

Contains 23 songs in total, including "Show," "DIGNITY," which is the theme song for the movie "The Silent Service," "Himawari," "Ibara," as well as covers of "Kazari ja Nai no yo Namida wa," "unravel," "Villain," and "Buriki no Dance" included in "Ado no Utattemita Album."

Ado's cover album "Ado no Utattemita Album"

Ado released the first cover (me singing) album in December 2023.

Contains ten songs based on a fan vote requesting Vocaloid and J-Pop songs to be sung by her.

Half of the tracklist is occupied by Vocaloid songs: "Aishite Aishite Aishite" by Kikuo (Track 3), "Kawaikute Gomen" by HoneyWorks (Track 5), "Villain" by Teniwoha (Track 6), "Kami ppoi na" by Pinocchio P (Track 7), "Buriki no Dance" by Hinata Electric Works (Track 9), and "Yoake to Hotaru" by n-buna (Track 10).

Other included songs are covers of J-pop tunes, such as a well-known 80's representative song "Kazari ja Nai no yo Namida wa" performed by Akina Nakamori and written by Yosui Inoue (Track 2), and "Tsumi to Batsu" which is included on Ringo Sheena's sixth single released in 2000 (Track 4).

As a side note, Ringo Sheena provided the song "Yukue Shirezu" to Ado.

Also, Ado covered songs that have been released in recent years such as "Dry Flower" written by singer-songwriter Yuri (Track 1), and "unravel," which was written by TK from Ling Toshite Shigure, and featured as a theme song for the TV anime "Tokyo Ghoul" (Track 8).

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