Lotus [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] Complete Edition - HYBRID 4.0 -

This is the complete. Seven unreleased tracks, which had been sealed for 44 years long, are included in this set, and finally listed on the original order. These seven are: "Japan," "Bamble," "Ummu Uum," "Sacred Light," "The Creator Has A Master," "SAVER," and "Conga Solo" (about 35 minutes total).

Legendary engineer Tomoo Suzuki, who was responsible for recording & mixing of the original work, is responsible for mixing these seven tracks, using the original master tapes stored in Japan.

7-inch size mini LP (22 panel) faithfully replicates its original LP designed by Tadanori Yokoo, including original color photo(s), liner notes, and the original obi. Also includes reproductions of a Japan tour pamphlet and an Osaka concert ticket. Japanese original release.

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