NAGAOKA Zipper Style Earphones P-705PRBL pastel color




So stylish!

I've wanted these since I saw them for the first time a year ago! I got these in the pastel color and they look so cute and stylish. I've already gotten so many compliments on them! They're not the highest in sound quality, but the price reflects that. Even so, it's actually made very well! The plug, zipper, and wire are all very strong and reinforced and doesn't look like it will be prone to damage. The zipper function is also super useful because you can adjust the length and it's thicker width doesn't tangle easily. I definitely recommend this item if you're looking for great-looking earbuds for an economical price!

(2017/01/23 Winnie CANADA)

Surround Co-Donguri SHIZUKU In-Ear Headphones SilverMoon



Co-Donguri Shizuku in-ear Headphones

I had been looking for a quality in-ear headphone for use with a Macbook Air, and found that the Co-Donguri purchased via CD Japan was far superior that the Apple counterpart that I had been using, allowing me to actually hear a more fuller spectrum of musical sound than before on my computer via my iTunes library. A most competitive price, about $40 US, I am most pleased and recommend the Shizuku for serious and affordable listening.

(2017/01/13 FJM, Oregon, USA UNITED STATES)


SAEC HDMI Cable (1.2m) SH-1010 / 1.2m




I used this to connect Esoteric Grandioso CD Transport with the corresponding Grandioso DACs. I found the cable to be very well made and it gave a very detailed and clean sound however it did lack somewhat in bass attack compared to Kordz LUX Hdmi cable or the Esoteric provided Van Den Hul Ultimate Hdmi. I have tried numerous cables and rest assured they all sound different!

(2017/01/12 Jim IRELAND)

Surround Co-Donguri SHIZUKU In-Ear Headphones SmokyGold


Ocharaku did it again!

The packaging is great, even there is no airbag from CD Japan. Great housing, seems it is out of the real price, otherwise the plastic housing impact the vacuum in some conditions. Overall the sounds is fun, the bass well maintained, not to punchy, the mid and low clarity is quite high, goods for acoustic and jazz kind of songs. Otherwise, still no pouch included, even the other brand which had cheaper price including pouch inside it.

(2017/01/13 Andika INDONESIA)

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