Plug Adapter

Japanese power plugs and sockets are Type A, which have two flat pins shown the chart below.
You need a plug adapter to use Japanese electric appliances in your country/region if your country/region does not apply this type.
Check a type of plug applied in your country with the chart below, and confirm it with the outlets in your room.

Type A: Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico,Hawaii, Taiwan, Philippines, Chaina, Mexico etc
Type B: Singapore, India, Malaysia, Bali etc
Type C: France, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Danmark, China, Egypt etc
Type O: Australia, New Zealand, China, Philippines etc
Type SE: Germany, Norway, Belgium, Finland, Russia etc
Type B3: UK,Singapore, India, China, Indonesia, Korea etc
Type BF: UK,Singapore, India, China, Malaysia, Egypt etc

Power Converter

You need a power converter in order to use Japanese electric appliances overseas because the voltage available in Japan is 100V, a very rare standard all over the world.

Attention to Voltage

The voltage in Japan is 100V, and voltages in a lot of countries are over 100 V. If you use Japanese electric appliances in such countries without a power converter, it may cause the electric appliances failure or a fire.
Japanese electric appliances which are compatible with a wide range of voltages (100 to 240) is usable without a power converter.
  • Main countries of voltage 110V-130V: America, Canada, Brazil, Taiwan, etc.
  • Main countries of voltage 220V-240V: Europe, India, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, etc.

About power consumption

Please check the power consumption of electric appliances.
If the power consumption of electric appiances over the max power of power converter, you can not use it.