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Beautiful 5

I've recently launched myself into all of YUI'S music and have fallen in love with her singing. This CD in particular touched me. Listening through all the tracks one by one, I particularly enjoyed Swing of Lie and LIFE. YUI has an excellent range of gentle music through to hard rock and this CD showcases all of her talent. Highly recommended!

From Me To You 5

This album sold more than 260,000 copies. First ever album release from YUI o.O. I like the song Merry Go Round in this album.. Its has a catchy tune ^_^.

Good Debut 4

Yui's first album is strong, mostly for the quality of the four singles included. All of the songs are well-produced, although for some reason it feels a little lacking in diversity. Either the raw intimacy of an acoustic version or two, or a more uninhibited track would do wonders to add more variety to Yui's vocal style, which is overall the same throughout. Still, a good collection of songs. With the release of the B-side collection "My Short Stories" in Nov 2008, the acoustic tracks are the only reason to get Yui's singles.

Great debut. 5

A great debut indeed. There's hardly any filler tracks to be found. YUI's voice is very good, especially considering her age. Her songwriting is even better (as you might've figured out already) and the production is flawless. This is surely a must-have for any kind of j-pop/rock junkie. YUI is also the only artist i know of who can make the words Spiral and Escape actually rhyme. Personal favourites on this album includes Merry Go Round, Life and Tokyo.

Lots of decent songs 5

Got this album for the fifth Bleach outro theme "Life". It's full of good songs. My favorite is "Tokyo" though I've gotten quite fond of "Merry-Go-Round" and "Feel My Soul".

From me to you! Thank you! Yui 5

It could not be expected less of this one great singer. You are the maximum. The best songs (its my personal opinion) would be: By its extraordinary voice: no. 2, 5, 10 and 12. By its heavy and vibrant lirics: no. 3, 4 and 9. Also the manual is precious and is possible to emphasize the original cover of the disc as a plant of sound with the impression of all the titles of the songs. Excellent Yui, I wait your second disc with anxieties.

Very good ! 4

Excellent album. Yui's vocal skills are impressive, despite her young age. The best songs are IMHO "Tokyo" and "Life". There are a couple of songs I'm not too fond of, but overall a very solid jpop/acoustic rock album.

YUI 1rst album 5

It's YUI 1rst album !! It's a very nice album with 13 songs and a beautiful booklet ! I'm waiting for her 2nd album now ^^

Great album! 5

I'm really pleased that I bought this album, as it is fantastic. I would say that Yui is a bit like a Japanese Avril Lavigne; the songs are quite poppy / rocky, with a decent mix between up-tempo numbers and slower ballads. There's not a single song on the album that I don't like.

Top Rate 4

I LOVE IT! Great debut album! XD Though would've been better had the acoustic tracks been included. ^_^

YUI:From Me To You 5

Only one word describes this album. Amazing! I enjoyed this album very much. Nice vocals, nice music, everything's nice. A must have album of the year! Better grab it fast!

One of the best albums of the year 5

Amazing first album from Yui, there isn't a poor track to be found. I was surprised to see 9 new songs on this, but every one is excellent. From haunting ballads to rock, pop... Yui proves she is truly an artist to follow. My personal favourite songs are Feel my Soul, Ready to Love, Blue Wind, Just my Way, Tomorrow's Way and Tokyo. Usually I'm lucky if I like 2-3 tracks on CDs these days. Thanks Yui!

Nice CD 5

A impressive CD indeed!! Voice wise its 7/10 but the thing that is impressive is the music that is in every track that makes u dun wanna stop listening to it!! Overall...its a must buy and I had no regrets buying this CD Nice CD YUI!! Gambatte!!

Excellent Debut Album 5

Great vocals, superb song-writing and terrific arrangement on just about every song on this album makes it a must-buy on my list. It exceeds expectations on all levels. The tunes are melodic yet heavily rock-and-roll influenced. It's a nice blend of J-Pop and J-Rock with a thoroughly original sound that's not to be missed. This unique sound is especially evident in the ballad, Blue Wind, with her backup vocals being whispered in a sultry manner that creates a great effect. Other songs on the album are equally hypnotic in style and will continue running through your head long after you've stopped listening. Fun, catchy and highly recommended.

Yui Review 4

If there was a half star, I would rate this album 4 1/2 stars. I like YUI's sound. It doesn't sound over-produced and has a nice mix of styles. The overall sound is standard rock. Her voice is quite nice. Sometimes it seems like a little girl is singing only to hear her rip into a powerful chorus. Truly making a unique sound out of an ordinary genre. Highly recommended!

to listen absolutely 5

YUI is an artist really well because it mixes well the pop one and the rock'n'roll! one of the songs which really arises from the batch is "JUST MY WAY"

Love her debut album! 4

YUI's voice is beautiful and very real. Her lyrics are touching and yes, the overused word, beautiful. In this album, I love all her singles songs and I love 'I can't say' and 'Blue wind' too. I really love her music and I must say this is definitely worth every single cent and more that you'll gonna spend on this. If I were to state a setback, it would be that there is no YUI acoustic songs in here. I love her YUI acoustic versions of her singles.

Sk8te punk with a sweet voice 5

YUI presents several sounds in From Me To You, but her underlying theme is the throbbing beat and plaintive wail that made Avril Lavinge the heart throb of the skater generation. YUI tempers the album with other sounds as well, from the ballad of TOKYO to the fast and bittersweet LIFE to the near-funk of Spiral & Escape. All in all, YUI presents a wonderful solo first album, a solid pop performance with the American edginess of Seattle.

Wonderful Debut 4

This is YUI's first album and a great one at that. All her previous singles are featured in this album plus nine new songs. There aren't any bad songs on this album, the only thing keeping me from giving it a full five stars is that at times it can feel monotonous around the middle.

Excellent 5

A great album from YUI! The four songs from her singles are nicely mixed with the rest of the songs, so they don't stand out too much from the rest. The other songs on this album is also very good. This is one of the albums I can listen to all the way through and enjoy every track.


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