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Vulgar 5

Amazing, perfect and awesome album, all songs are perfect

My favorite album 5

What can I say? This is my most favorite album of all time. It includes 15 awesome tracks that will just blow you away. Personally, I love all of their works, whether the past or the present. But I always seem to be going back to Vulgar. I'm happy I got the chance to have a copy of this album. ^_^


If none of these comments convinced you then I don't know what will. Just another awesome CD from an awesome band. Buy it already!


Dir en grey's best album. Period. I'm EXTREMELY happy with this purchase. I strongly recommend this CD to the Dir en grey fan. Even if you are just getting into them. BUY THIS CD. It's their best work. Shipment was fast and the CD was in perfect condition. KUDOS!

One vulgar piece of artwork... 5

One of my favourite Diru albums, and the songs that captured my attention. I absolutely adore all songs, yet favourites would be Audience Killer Loop, Obscure, Amber and The IIID Empire. ....audience killer loop..... The tension this album builds up, combined with both aggression, emotion and just plain's incredible. I've never heard any music like it.

Favorite. 5

This album is so powerful. It's probably my favorite out of all of them, including the mini albums. This is a gorgeous piece of work. Every song on here is stunning. Child Prey is one of my favorites, but every song sounds so deep (but every Diru song, basically ever, has been like that.) It just makes you want to listen.

an amazing big one 5

I really love DIR EN GREY and this is the best album at all. Drain Away and Child Prey are powerful songs and big reasons to have this stuff for those special moments that only Diru could give us (and also amazing lyrics! so cool when you translate them!)

Powerful and epic! 5

While 'Kisou' was very different from the two previous albums, it still remained very close in feel only much harder. 'VULGAR' on the other hand is were a huge change occured. It may not be too unusual that after having listened through this album a first time that you'll get the feeling that there isn't very much variation on here when compared to the older albums. That may be true, but the depth and sheer power presented in every song is so undeniably good that it won't matter anyway. Besides, when having listened through it as many times as I have, there's the risk that you'll get addicted to it. Favourites are always hard, but audience KILLER LOOP, THE IIID EMPIRE, SYOKUBENI, SAJOU NO UTA, MARMALADE CHAINSAW, KASUMI, DRAIN AWAY, OBSCURE, CHILD PREY and AMBER are worth mentioning. One thing that's striking is that the total lenght feels a bit short, somewhere under an hour, but it makes for a better listening experience. That's what I love about Dir en grey is that they don't just cram everything tbey've got by trying to reach the 80 minute mark of a CD. An album that simply blows you away, this is one not to be missed. Powerful and epic throughout!

Epic... 5

This is in every way my favourite Dir en Grey album. The songs have an epic feel to them from the soaring "Audience Killer Loop" to the incredible "Obscure" (which also has the weirdest music video I've ever seen...I love it.) My American friends like Withering To Death better, but in my opinion, the only way this album could have been better is if Embryo had been on it instead of Kisou. BUY IT NOW!!!

Their best album. 5

This is a great album. The translated lyrics are a plus. The artwork in this album is outstanding.

I like it 4

This is one of the best album from Dir en Grey, in my opinion. The style of the songs is more mixed in comparison to ''Withering To Death'', there are very hard rock songs and melodic hard rock songs too.

One of Their Better Albums 4

Besides six Ugly, this was Dir en grey's first venture into the American rock genre (whereas GAUZE and MACABRE were still more pop, and Kisou . . . well, I'm still trying to forget that album), and they managed to pull it off very well. This album has it all: Fast paced songs like THE IIID EMPIRE and OBSCURE, slower songs like RED...[em] and SAJOU NO UTA, and just fun songs like Child prey and ASUNAKI KOUFUKU, KOENAKI ASU. This album seems to come in layers: The first four tracks are fast rock songs, the fifth and sixth are slower songs, the next three are fun to listen to, and all of them from there (excluding AMBER) are faster-set songs once again. Kyo's voice is simply amazing in this album: From screeching in songs like audience KILLER LOOP to singing melodically in KASUMI, you can clearly see how far he's come in terms of a singer within the past few years. Also, the actual lyrics are darker and more mysterious (ie. INCREASE BLUE, AMBER, and Child prey). I would pick this up if you want to get into Dir en grey, or if you're already a fan and need to get into this band somehow. RECOMMENDED SONGS: DRAIN AWAY, audience KILLER LOOP, OBSCURE, Child prey, and ASUNAKI KOUFUKU, KOENAKI ASU.


The 4th album from Dir en Grey is one of the best creation of the mitical group. I love the song "OBSCURE".

Completely Brilliant 5

This cd is just so freaking amazing. I love every song on here, and it's probably one of my all-time favorite albums of any language. Not a single song on here is less than spectacular. This album is truly killer and I still just can't get over it. If the epic "Obscure" isn't enough to get you to buy this, be aware that the rest of the songs on here are just as amazing.


This cd is awesome! Kyo's voice is so pretty (especially in Child Prey). The lulling sound of Kyo's voice (inclusive of the screaming) captures you like no other cd by Dir en grey.For both fans of Dir en grey & newcomers to their world, this cd iz the qoolest ever! I recommend both buying this cd & watching the music videos of the songz (1st music vid. i'd recommend = Child Prey) Go evil gerbils!!!!

Yuki 5

If you're a rock fan, you will not be disappointed with this. Kisou and Vulgar were the first Dir en grey albums I bought. Vulgar instantly hooked me in. Intense, edgy, catchy, and makes you want to scream. Gotta love Kyo's screaming!

Best of the Best 5

When getting into Dir en grey, I was given only four albums: Gauze, Six Ugly, Withering to Death and of course, Vulgar. Instantly, I fell in love with all of them, but Vulgar was the one that captured my heart. The songs on this CD are just pure love. Headbanging, hard rocking Child Prey to the ballad like Kasumi, these songs are just the best. This album, by far, is my favorite and it is the best of the best. Kyo's vocals are just amazing, tearing at your heart and the music played by the others is just breathtaking. It is a must by CD for all Dir en grey fans.

Oh, the vulgarity 4

One of the world's most dynamic and exciting bands delivered in a mayor fashion with their 2003 release Vulgar. Although not a perfect album - it does suffer some flaws, mainly the terrible Child Prey - it's still the bands strongest release to date. Uncompromising and extreme is the delivery, wrapped in cotton candy and barbed wire. A great metal album, rock album and pop album - at the same time.

Vulgar 4

The songs are awesome to listen to and the CD sleeve contents are pretty. Not to mention it comes with an English translation! :)

Never lets down 5

This album touches every emotion in you body... and never lets go. VULGAR is a one-of-a-kind type of album that includes everything Dir en grey has been known for plus more. Vocalist Kyo persists with his ravishing screams, hysterical whisperining and everything that lies in between. The band really comes together with form and adds a variety of sounds to each song, leaving you breathless and more interested each time you liten to it. Rock anthems, ballads, and memorable lyrics is what makes VULGAR such a telented and popular album today. Whether you are a long-dedicated fan of the band or just starting to become interested in them, this release is a must-buy!


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