Tour 2007-2008 Stacked Rubbish Grand Finale [Repeated Countless Error] In Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogiba Daiichi Taiikukan [Limited Edition] Customer Reviews

the GazettE

Perfect live 5

This live is absolutely awesome ! The box comes with 3 dvd's (2 live dvds + one bonus) and one booklet. Pictures are in a good quality, the sound is perfect and the video quality too. A must have !

Never-ending Headbang 5

the GazettE has been a well-known visual kei band and they released their concert DVD promoting the album Stacked Rubbish. This limited edition DVD gives you 2 concert DVDs and one bonus DVD which is the interview with each member in different angles. Also a booklet of them. As always, they rocked too in this DVD. Watching this DVD will make you can't stop headbanging on each powerful songs they played. In the slower songs, you can take a break and relax, listening to the good tunes from each member's instrument and also the calming voice from Ruki. In the bonus DVD, you can find them different in the interview, that you might haven't watched or read such interview elsewhere :D And the booklet is really elegantly beautiful ^_^ I'm sure you're gonna love this concert DVD.


This was an absolutely amazing performance! the GazettE never disappoint! Their playing was flawless and I enjoyed all the behind the scenes clips they had. I cried when Ruki spoke during the MC near the end. It was definitely one of those moments that reminded me why I love the GazettE so much. They're truly the best JRock band out there today


The package is beautiful and the concert is superb ! I like this band <3 I cryed when Ruki spoke because he looks like so affected T.T But it's not my favorite gazette's DVD.

Great! 5

Even if i thought in the 3rd dvd there was a sort of "road to" of the european tour.. and there isn't any.. i love that live! This is now my favourite one <3

the Gazette Rock, Stacked Rubbish Style! 4

Another excellent release from the GazettE, as always they never disappoint >.< which is why they're so ultra awesome! ruki, uruha,reita, kai and aoi all play great together and you can hear how much they have improved over the years. most of the songs haven't been available on dvd before which is the best thing about the dvd and!! they play them all soo much better than the studio versions. CALM ENVY, Gentle Lie and Hyena are my favourite's on the dvd. What amazes me is how great their playing skills are 0_0 they are the best band i've ever heard live! Hope they continue to play such great music, soo many different emotions, and always very energetic! the only down side to this dvd was that weren't any subtitles D= for the third disc. Though the shiney silver box, grumpy poster and picture booklet are pretty good. Next time i hope the GazettE have better costumes(Uru's was super great though =D) and colour photo's on the booklet ^^" xD If you can understand japanese and really want the photobooklet, it is worth buying this version! and don't forget the awesome box! and i don't know if the poster is still available. Yup i loved the dvd and will love it for years to come =D 4/5 GAZEROCK IS NOT DEAD (4 instead of 5 cause there was no chizuru or regret >____< and i love those songs more than most on the dvd!)

Fantastic!!! 5

This dvd was absolutely amazing and was absolutely worth the money! I loved every bit of this concert and I loved how much of it was uncut. The band sounds better than ever and I hope there will be much much more to come!!! Long live the GazettE!!! :P

Gaze Rock not dead 5

It was cheeped very fast ! Thank you very much for this DVD ! I love this concert so much, I wish I be there !


This concert was amazing. The special effects (the lights/fire) were well done. Overall, the whole concert was awesome.

Fantastic 5

A superb delivery for the finale of their tour. It really captured the growth even since Yokohama and the band has come a long way to be national superstars. Now they just need to branch out and thrust their way into the hearts of the world.

the GazettE RCE DVD 5

It arrived on time, and the contents are in perfect condition. Although I heard that some people got a poster or a postcard, I'm fine with only the said DVD.

Awesome!! 5

The band is amazing, so this DVD was superb! The case it came in was beautiful, each dvd was packed separately with a bonus black and white booklet. The artwork done for the show was brilliant. The concert itself is great, well filmed

Yay! 5

Yay! I got the limited edition for xmas. It such a nice performance! I love to watch it over and over again.. it's only a bit sad that it doesn't have any subtitles.. I heard the regular edition does! or.. yeah. I can be wrong, too. Anywayz, this is a muuuuuuuusthave for every gazelover! peace&smile, x

good ! 4

The package is really beautiful, the inside too. Each dvds are packed separately. The concert itself is beautiful, well filmed. So sad bonus don't have subtitles u_u it seemed a little short... it always is. I had a very good moment watching this concert with friends.

a well spent stash of yen. 4

A great quality video and sound + editing. Quite a decent show altogether, though not their best. Bonus material is hilarious and interesting to see. This box should definitely be a part of every fan's collection.


Hi i wanted to know if you guys ship to Venezuela? because i had order this edition of the DVD and it still hadn't arrive me .____.U and i'm getting very worried about it

waaah 5

I love this dvd!! it's very hot, smexy & smooth! (WTF?!), the GazettE is the best band of this poor world!

gorgeous work 5

Absolutely love it. Packaging is gorgeous and so is the live. Within seconds of it playing I couldn't stop watching, that intro just pulls ya in. Has the best 'Ride with the Rockers' so far aswell. Definitely worth it.

:D 4

Wooo Gazelove. The tour is good but somehow I seem to like them better during the PSC tour..haha waaayyy old. xD But the blk & wht booklet was a suprise...X.x

Question? 5

Hey, I just wanted to ask if you get a poster with the limited edition? Before I was wondering if it's really worth buying since there's obviously youtube xD But after reading the reviews, I'm definitely going to order it =D


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