It all starts with materials. Audio is all about “purity and power.” The purity of the material takes precedence over everything else. Even before the Zonotone brand was born, we were focused on the importance of wire materials. We insisted all along on using only carefully selected materials, whether premium copper, like ultra-pure 7NCu (copper with purity of 99.99999%) and ultra-pure 6NCu (99.9999% pure copper), or materials with outstanding crystal structure such as PCOCC, 4N oxygen-free copper wire, or pure silver OFC.

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The Unrivaled Superiority of The DMHC Structure = Purity + Energy + Realistic Presence

This is the philosophy behind DMHC (Duo or Discrete Multicore Helical Conductor). Stereo cable conductors tend to have two cores, hot and cold; but Zonotone DMHC is a multicore conductor. The minimum number of cores is 4, but there are also 5-core × 2 (10 cores total) and 7-core × 2 (14 cores total) products.

The plus and minus core materials are not identical. Premium copper is used, such as ultra-pure 7NCu (99.99999% purity), 6NCu, and 5NCu, along with high-purity monocrystalline PCOCC with its excellent crystal structure. While attempting to merge use of these materials, various combinations were tried such as low-DCR pure silver-coated copper wire and 4N oxygen-free copper wire.

As a result, we were able to achieve a brand new hybrid multicore conductor using complex combinations of various wire diameters, materials, and diameter variations. The basic DMHC structure consists of independent multicore conductors arranged cylindrically around a central core, with the plus and minus conductors isolated from each other by means of an insulative dummy material. For speaker cable use, this structure was further advanced to DMHC-Duo.

This structure gets as close as possible to the ideal for accurately transmitting high-power and ever-changing, subtly detailed signals, by isolating hot and cold conductors consisting of very fat multiple cores enclosed in cylindrical covering. We believe this to be the best possible structure for reduced inductance and capacitance, for reducing phase distortion, high-frequency or intermodulation distortion, and crosstalk, for improving bandwidth balance and other properties, for suppressing resonance, electromagnetic induction, and vibration, and for preventing energy loss, among the numerous other extremely large benefits.

The secret is its original golden ratio. Based on data gathered over a long time from huge numbers of prototypes and repeated listening, Zonotone conductors are created with an original golden ratio unrivalled in the industry. Far from relying solely on quantitative and coefficient findings from physical and scientific analyses, priority is given to musicality as judged by the ear.

This is also part of the secret to reliability. All Zonotone cables are made in Japan.

A new sound experience made possible by unadulterated transmission. Zonotone cables are "purity and power" with no signal loss. That is why they provide purely transmitted sound.

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