Sticklyle Portable Scissors Compact

Scissors as slim as a pen. Can stick into a pencil case or pen stand without taking up the space of regular scissors.

Stickyle Portable Scissors Long

The long version is designed to cut paper more easily with the long blade --yet still keeping the easy-to-carry stick design.

Stickyle Portable Scissors mini

And of course, there are the mini versions small enough to hang from your bag like a keychain to cut off those loose threads dangling from your clothes that somehow you spot when you're outside.

Stickyle Portable Scissors Beaute

Scissors that look just like a lip gloss. Why not?

Stickyle Portable Scissors AKERUNO

Living in the generation of internet shopping, we have all have more boxes to open, and packages to ship out. These combine the function of an opener and scissors in one tool. When the scissors are closed, one side of the scissors features blade that works as an opener. By moving the handle upwards, the scissors will open up for you to use the tool as a scissor.

Stickyle Portable Stapler

Finally a stapler that's not bulky. These are the stapler version of the Stickyle series. Features a storage to keep extra staples.