CDJapan Proxy Shopping Service Renewal: June 10, 2021

CDJapan Proxy Service has introduced a more simple and clear proxy fee structure where we will charge all proxy related fees when placing the order, with no additional proxy fees charged afterwards.

With this renewal, we hope customers would feel more safe and comfortable using CDJapan Proxy Shopping Service.

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No More Additional Proxy Fees

About CDJapan Proxy Shopping Services

CDJapan Proxy Shopping is a service where we "shop on your behalf" for products that are not available on our site, but are available at other online shops in Japan.

Once you send us a request for your preferred product, we will register the item to our website.

About CDJapan Proxy Shopping service

Now we have renewed our CDJapan Proxy Shopping Service introducing a more clear and simple proxy fee structure.

No More Additional Proxy Fees

Former Proxy Fees

Until now, just like any other proxy shopping service, our service had a structure where customers had to pay for the product and proxy fees (Standard Fee, Service Fee) at the time of ordering, and would be additionally charged at the shipping process if any other proxy procurement fees occurred later on.

This was a process we had to take in order to deal with the wide variety of stores we were purchasing from, each with unique fees and policies, as well as the different warehouse management costs for each item.

Due to this structure, we understand that our final charges were unclear and have caused a great deal of inconvenience throughout the years. We also understand that many of you have felt insecure ordering not knowing the final charge.

Following our renewal, we have now redesigned our prices and structure so that customers would feel more safe and comfortable using CDJapan Proxy Shopping Service.

New Proxy Fees

The following changes have been made with our renewal.

  • Flat rate pricing for proxy fees and warehouse management fees.

  • All proxy fees will be charged upon ordering. No more additional proxy fees charged later on.(*)

  • With no more additional proxy fees charged, your order will ship out faster.

We apologize that your final order total was not confirmed until the shipping process until now.

By redesigning our proxy service into a more clear and simple structure, we hope that this will allow you to have a better shopping experience at CDJapan.


  1. You will be charged with international shipping fees or volume weight fees afterwards if your order is applicable due to size/weight.
  2. The new structure will take effect from orders placed hereafter. For orders placed before June 10, 2021 will be additionally charged with proxy procurement fees in the shipping process.

New Proxy Fee Structure

Content Price
Item Price as disclosed
Standard Fee* 1,200yen per order
Service Fee** 300yen per proxy item
Optional Services Fee*** Optional
International Shipping**** Estimated

*A 1,200yen Standard Fee will apply which covers handling fees for online purchasing, unpackaging/re-packaging, and other related fees.

**A 300yen Service Fee will apply per proxy item which covers fees for warehouse control and management.

***Whereas usually one parcel is sufficient for one order, in case the volume of your Requested Order exceeds the capacity of the largest box we have available, the order will be split accordingly. Handling Fee, optional services fee (if applicable) and international shipping charge will apply depending on the number of packages your Requested Order entails.

****International Shipping Charge only occurs as an estimate, the difference between the actual price will be either charged or refunded in the next transaction.

CDJapan Proxy Shopping service