MOHIKEN (Mou hitotsu no Kenkyujo) series

Mohiken is an artistic genius. The way his mind works to tell a story without doubt fascinates and drawers the attention of the reader. One more time, one more time and feeling of fascination draws the reader in deep and deeper. Wonderful tales told without words. The Cahracters of the stories are wonderful and tell a lovely tale.

CATS (illustrated by Asao Harumin) series

You love the book the cat in the book will love you. Through the flick of pages the cats come to life with emotion. "Not home yet? Not home yet?" thinks a cat wating eagerly. The cat hears the door and it's you. Fall in love with these irresistibly adorable characters! So soft and gentle.


Duels are played out as these fruits head samurai match swords against each other. They have trained for this. Their aims is for perfection. Their personalities are strong. The samurai's are surreal. The have lovely expressions. Have a look. The humour and the skill. Don't miss out on this unique samurai world!