To Make OCEAN-TEABAG was Tough
Popular OCEAN-TEABAG Products
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Complete List of OCEAN-TEABAG Products
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OCEAN-TEABAG are tea bags designed inspired by animals (mainly associated with ocean) such as a dolphin, shark, and cat. Once you pour hot water and place them into a clear teapot or a cup, they look like they are swimming.

In the video below, we've tried "Sea Turtle Teabag" as example.
You can look a cute sea turtle floating in the ocean in a teapot.

This is just a portion of all the OCEAN-TEABAG products, and they have a wide variety of unique teabags.

To Make OCEAN-TEABAG was Tough

OCEAN-TEABAG was born under the idea by Shota Takahashi, the president of Daisho Suisan manufacturing OCEAN-TEABAG products. His company Daisho Suisan is doing business in the Fishing industry, and it was natural for him to had such idea: combining sea animals with tea bags.

This sounded a great idea for him, however, producing it was a very difficult because he had no knowledge of making teabags. No matter how many times he made enquiries with the idea, he always had the same replies from companies specializing making tea bags: "It is impossible to make such thing."

At that time, they could not understand at all why Takahashi-san would cost too much on such a disposable tea bag.

After being refused countless times, Mr. Takahashi begun a challenge while saying, "Let's make it yourself!" Of course, he did not have any know-how to create tea bags inspired his idea, but after many trials and errors, he finally succeeded in making the first teabag: "Dolphin Teabag."

The tea bag, which looks like a dolphin swimming in the sea, was later funded by a cloud-founding service and commercialized, and has got a huge popularity instantly.

To start with Dolphin Teabag, they now transformed lots of animals into tea bags.

Popular OCEAN-TEABAG Products

A Set of 10 Kinds of OCEAN-TEABAG

The best selling product among all the OCEAN-TEABAG products at CDJapan, and it is perfect for a gift.

Set includes:
  • Dolphin (Blue Mallow Blend)
  • Great White Shark (Hibiscus Blend)
  • Whale Shark (High Class Deep Steamed Green Tea)
  • Coelacanth (Butterfly Pea Blend)
  • Atlantic Footballfish (Earl Grey Tea)
  • Manta (Tropical Mango Tea)
  • Bathynomus Giganteus (Dongfang Meiren)
  • Sunfish (Hojicha)
  • Killer Whale (Green Rooibos Tea)
  • Clark's Anemonefish (Honeybush Tea)

Squid and Octopus Set

See? It's like a squid floating in the sea very comfortably

Attacking Shark Tea Bag

"Attacking Shark Tea Bag," which is getting popular, reminds me us of the legendary movie, "Jaws."


It is not only sea creatures that become tea bags but also cats and pandas, which are also popular variations OCEAN-TEABAG has.
We can see that a cat in a tea pot as if it takes a bath.

As you see, OCEAN-TEABAGs are fun to look but they are also tasty to drink.
How about spending a great time with these cute tea bags with your friends, lovers, and family?

Been Purchased By Many People Already!

After receiving orders, we will carefully pack yours to reach your home safely.

Complete List of OCEAN-TEABAG Products

#MyOceanTeabag Project

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Simple Rules

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