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Beppin Sakura Series

The Beppin Sakura Brush Series conjures images of the gorgeous cherry blossoms of Kyoto. Each brush's bristles are carefully chosen to pick up powder and provide excellent color payoff, and the handles have a soft, sweet cherry blossom pattern.

Hana Sakura Series

The Hana Sakura Series features cherry blossoms on a chic black handle, inspired by the sophisticated image of Kyoto.As well as their beautiful appearance, these brushes feature a base of fine goat hair for a pleasant, high quality sensation and the perfect level of firmness.

Mai Sakura Series

The Mai Sakura Series is reminiscent of Kyoto's beautiful scenery, as weeping cherry blossoms dance in the wind across the black handle. The quality of the carefully-chosen bristle is clear from the brush's pleasant texture.


Brush treatments that never seemed possible! Collaboration tagged product by professional cleaners. Even when using a brush-specific cleaning solution, it is easy for the tip to stick. If you use treatment after shampooing your hair, your problems with your hair may return. "I hope to use my favorite makeup brush for a long time." Based on such hopes, the industry's first treatment for brushes is developed . The soft texture will be revived.
*The squarantine and camelia oil combination will leave hair bristles soft, fresh, and shiny to the tip. *Naturally-derived ingredients provide natural moisturization, leaving the brush feeling fluffy. *Antistatic ingredients combine to suppress stiffness.

This brush cleaning solution was created from the desire to maintain the longevity of our favorite makeup brushes.
"I don't know how to clean the natural bristles, because when I wash them with normal detergent, the bristles become too soft or fall out of the tip of the brush" --Haven't you had this problem too? *This cleaning solution uses environmentally friendly ingredients, making it gentle on natural hair used in brushes. *It uses professional cleaning technology to give it its cleaning power. Because it suppresses foaming, cleaning also takes less time. *The liquid has no fragrance or color.
Accumulated dirt (which can be a hotbed of bacterial activity) is removed and the naturally supple and smooth feel of the hair returns. The application of makeup becomes easier, reducing the burden on the skin.

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