Following the high popularity and demands on this new format, Warner Music Japan finally will release 29 popular titles as Hi-Res CD reissues. Let's take a look.


Hi-Res CD Brief Introduction
Recommended Titles for The Hi-Res CD First Timer
Pop & Rock Titles
Jazz/Fusion Titles
Classical Music Titles
Hi-Res CD Titles from Japanese Acts
MQA-enabled Hardware List
Frequent Question & Answer on Hi-Res CD
All Titles Released from Warner Music Japan on AUG 7, 2019

Hi-Res CD Brief Introduction

Hi-Res CD uses two key features to realize the high fidelity, capability, and compatibility.

The first key feature is MQA, which stands for Master Quality Authenticated.
By using this coding technology, large size high resolution audio files are capsulized while keeping their quality. If you play Hi-Res CD on MQA-enabled hardware/software, capsulized files will be decoded, and the full potential of the disc will be harnessed. For more details, visit MQA Technology in Detail (external link)

The second key feature is UHQCD format.
Even if you do not have MQA-enabled hardware/software, the disc can also be played on regular CD players in UHQCD 44.1kHz/16bit resolution, which is far better than that of regular CD. For more details, visit All About Ultimate High Quality CD

Recommended Titles for The Hi-Res CD First Timer

Hi-Res CD Pop & Rock Titles

Hi-Res CD Jazz/Fusion Titles

Hi-Res CD Classical Music Titles

Hi-Res CD Titles from Japanese Acts

MQA-enabled Hardware List (Aug 2 Updated!)

*This list was made in July 2018, and is NOT list all the MQA-enabled devices. You can check its compatibility with MQA logo or spec detail on each product's description.

Audioquest DragonFly BlackRenderer Type DAC
Audioquest DragonFly RedRenderer Type DAC
Cocktail Audio x45Muti Media Player
Cocktail Audio x35Muti Media Player
Cocktail Audio x50DDigital Music Server & Transport
Cocktail Audio x45ProMuti Media Player
dCS "Vivaldi DAC"DAC
dCS"Network Bridge"Interface Device
dCS"Vivaldi One"Universal Audio Player
dCS"Vivaldi Upsampler"Up Sampler
ESOTERIC N-01Network Audio Player
ESOTERIC N-05Network Audio Player
ESOTERIC N-03TNetwork Audio Transport
iFi micro iDACRenderer Type DAC
iFi micro iDAC2Renderer Type DAC
iFi micro iDSDRenderer Type DAC
iFi micro iDSD BLRenderer Type DAC
iFi nano iDSDRenderer Type DAC
iFi Nano iDSD Black LabelRenderer Type DAC
iFi nano iONERenderer Type DAC
iFi nono iDSD LERenderer Type DAC
iFi RETRO 50Renderer Type DAC
Kripton KS-9MultiActive Speaker
LG V30Smartphone
LUMIN The Audiophile Network Music Player(A1)Network Player
LUMIN The Audiophile Network Music Player(D2)Network Player
LUMIN The Audiophile Network Music Player(S1)Network Player
LUMIN The Audiophile Network Music Player(T1)Network Player
LUMIN U1Network Transport
Meridian 808v6CD Player
Meridian 818v3Preamplifier
Meridian Explorer2USB DAC
Meridian Prime Headphone AmplifierHeadphone Amplifier
Meridian Ultra DacDAC
Mytek Digital Brooklyn+DAC
Mytek Digital Liberty DACDAC
Mytek Digital Manhattan2DAC
OPPO UDP205Universal Player
TEAC NT-505USB DAC/Network Player
TEAC NR-7CDNetwork CD Pre-main Amplifier
Technics SU-G30Network Audio Amplifier

Frequent Question & Answer on Hi-Res CD

1. Does Hi-Res CD have two layers of data like SACD Hybrid discs?

No, it has only one layer. Regular CD players are capable of outputting the audio only in 44.1kHz/16bit. However, when decoded the audio can be listened to high resolution on MQA-enabled audio players.

2. Is there more storage capacity on Hi-Res CD?

No, it is still a Compact Disc, fully compatible with regular CD players. UHQCD (as well as SHM-CD and Blu-spec CD) improves audio through the use of better materials, supposedly with improved optical characteristics. The audio is further improved through technologies to cutting data on the disc surface with higher precision and accuracy.

All Titles Released from Warner Music Japan on AUG 7, 2019