Following the recent suspension to many countries by the postal services including EMS, Airmail, and SAL, we decided to take action and expand the range of items deliverable by FedEx and DHL for large packages.

Almost All Items Now Available to Ship by FedEx & DHL (Update: JUL 13th)

  • Figures, Toys, Character Goods *added on April 17th
  • Apparel *added on June 2nd
  • Vinyl (LP) *added on June 8th
  • Proxy Shopping Items, Calendars & more *added on July 13th

*There are some exceptions.

*Please note that DHL and FedEx require a dimensional weight fee to ship large items, which will make your shipping charge relatively expensive. However, as DHL and FedEx continue to operate during these uncertain times, we hope this measure we take will offer our customers an option to receive their packages.

Tip to Make Your Shipping Charge Lower

Dimensional weight charges increase when purchasing large items together.
For example,

  • Figure & Magazine
  • Figure & CD, DVD or BD w/ bonus poster

A combination of a figure and CD/DVD/BD (no bonus poster) will not give a sharp increase with the dimensional weight charge as CD/DVD/BD will fit inside the box packaging for the figure.

Dimensional weight charge also varies widely depending on how many items are included in the order. So we recommend you to purchase items applicable with dimensional weight charge, in separate orders. By doing so, in most cases, it will make your shipping charge lower than shipping in the same package.


There are some countries/regions currently suspended by FedEx & DHL.