Co-Donguri Brass/Balance

Co-Donguri Brass/Balance are Hugely Upgraded Version of SHIZUKU

Co-Donguri Brass/Balance are hugely upgraded version of their popular model, SHIZUKU.
On these new Co-Donguri models, Japanese headphone manufacturer Surround made three major upgrades: cabinet, cord, and ear tip.

Cabinet: Brass

Surround changed cabinet material from aluminum to brass to further suppress unnecessary resonation.
In addition to that, the new cabinet weighs a little more heavy (16g to 22-24g, approx.) than that of SHIZUKU. This subtle change adds Co-Donguri Brass/Balance a more upgraded and luxurious presence.

Cord: OFC Litz Structure

For the cord, they applied Litz structure, consisting of 4 twisted core wires made of OFC (Oxygen-Free copper), which is an important role for the best frequency balance.

Ear Tip: final TYPE E

Surround choose TYPE E, an ear piece by final, one of the reliable headphones manufacturers in Japan. TYPE E fits in your ears far more better than similar products, adequately sealing the ear canal, which is a key factor to listen to a wide frequency range without any loss.

You may wonder whether too much sealability can cause high keen sounds and may be bad to your ears.
But there's no need to worry about that.
All Co-Donguri models apply for a patented technology Tornado Equalizer (detailed below) to prevent such issues. With sufficient sealability of Tornado Equalizer, you can listen to a clearer sound which TYPE E ear tips bring out from Co-Donguri Brass/Balance.

Plug: Balance Type 4.4mm/2.5mm

Their story is not just that.
As you can see from its name Co-Donguri Balance, the brand introduced a "Balanced" type plug for the first time. It had been eagerly desired by fans of Surround, which must be a great approach for audiophiles all over the world who pursuit the most immersive listening experience.

Even after achieving such major upgrades, they propose surprisingly affordable prices. Previous model SHIZUKU costs 4,600Yen while new models starts from 3,700YEN. Even its balanced plug type is offered at 4,600YEN.

Take a look around. Who could propose you hugely upgraded models at far lower prices?
And who could propose a balanced plug type headphones under 5,000YEN?

This is your turn to confirm its quality with your very own ears, and see how challenging these prices Surround offered for you.

Co-Donguri Brass/Balance


Using Tornado Equalizer Developed by Ex-SONY Engineer

Ocharaku's patented acoustic technology, Tornado Equalizer Circuit, is applied.

At around 6 kHz, a certain resonance is generated by occluded ear canal. This is the most significant factor of sound deterioration of canal type headphones.
Tornado Equalizer suppresses such bad resonance by making two sound waves (like tornado), which cancel each other on a certain point.
More details available on Surround's official page (English).
*Tornado Equalizer Circuit is Ocharaku's patented acoustic technology

2WAY Mounting

Normal wearing, ear mounted, both OK for 2WAY mounted model. Ear reduce the touch noise in the mounting. Also recommended during exercise.

Co-Donguri Brass/Balance