Both brushes use the goat hair called Hakutotsuho(白尖峰), which is soft and silky on the top while firm and durable on the bottom.

CB100 Angled Powder Brush (lower)

Total: L 15.5cm
Hair: L 3.5-4.5cm W 2.6-3.8cm
Ferrule: L 4.5cm W 1.7-2.6cm

fu-pa02 Foundation Brush Black Handle (upper)

Total: L 10.5cm
Hair: L 2.7cm W 3.5cm
Ferrule: L 3cm

The Handle

The CB100 handle is longer than fu-pa02, and CB100 is suitable for users at all levels. 
The fu-pa02's short handle is perfect for extending liquid, cream pigment although it takes some getting used to short, thick handle.

The Shape of the Tip 

CB100 Angled Powder Brush: angled with soft and rounded edges
Perfect for uneven areas such as around the nostrils, so, you can apply foundation evenly and uniformly.
fu-pa02 Foundation Brush: round with slightly flat top
Perfect for even areas such as forehead, whole of cheek.

The Dense of the Tip 

CB100 Angled Powder:
Since the tip of the brush is dense but slightly thicker, it allows nice buffing of powder. Perfect for sheer coverage and finishing. 
And also perfect for bronzers. The shorter side can concentrate the most of the product on or underneath the cheekbone then the longer part diffuses smoothly towards the top of the cheekbone.
fu-pa02 Foundation:
The bristles are shorter than CB100's. Very high-dense brush for use of cream, liquid foundations.
You can put on foundation beautifully without pigmentation irregularities and cover pores in short time as it has the density required for a foundation brush. 


There is not so much difference between width of CB100 Powder and fu-pa02 Foundation.

The goat hair called Hakutotsuho, which is soft and silky on the top while firm and durable on the bottom is no need to pay much attention to how to use.

If you would have to choose, CB100 Angled Powder is nice for powder pigment, solid product and fu-pa02 Foundation is nice for liquid, cream pigment.

The Box

Both come in a beautiful black gift box with a shiny logo of CDJapan Beauty or Koyudo.
CB100 Angled Powder:

fu-pa02 Foundation: