The album includes "STORY OF DUTY," "STAR" (theme song to TV series "Boku to Tsuchinoko no 1 Kagetu"), "ZENSHiN ZSENREi" (intro theme song to anime series "Renai Mangaka"), "in case..." (intro theme song to anime series "Godzilla Singular Point"), and ten new songs.

In addition each limited edition compiles exclusive bonus features as shown below.

Hakai Ban

This is limited in quantity, with each copy autographed by a member by hand and the case specially processed with cracks. It is not possible to specify the member to sign or the degree of cracks.

[CD + Blu-ray + PHOTOBOOK] (Limited Edition)

Comes with a 100-page deluxe photo book and a Blu-ray featuring about 60-min. live performance, a music video for "STORY OF DUTY," a lyric video for "STAR," music video(s) for new songs and making-of. Deluxe Packaging.


Comes with a DVD featuring about 60-min. live performance.

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