Four editions are available, and each includes exclusive contents as:
  • Type A: "Sweetest girl" (song / instrumental) & "Zuruiyo Zuruiyone" MV and making-of.
  • Type B: "Oshi no Iru Sekai" (song / instrumental) & bonus video footage (Dai Undokai)
  • Type C: "Kimi no Oto Dattanda" (song / instrumental) & "Kimi no Oto Dattanda" MV and making-of.
  • Type D: "Sweetest girl," "Oshi no Iru Sekai," "Kimi no Oto Dattanda"(song / instrumental)
And type A, B, C editions come with a photo as the first pressing bonus.

Zuruiyo Zuruiyone Music Video