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Boy Love Manga Selected by Rebekah Joseph from IT'S A YAOI RECIPE!

I listed my top 12 Boy Love manga to buy at CD Japan. On this list, I selected a great range Boy Love manga to choose from, all entertaining, intriguing and steamy Boy Love manga. Whether you are in the mood for pure love or something spicy.
  1. Therapy Game (Dear Plus Comics) by Hinohara MeguruL
  2. Mimori-san no Yarashii Okuchi (Caramel Comics) by Rasu
  3. 30 Sai Made Dotei Dato Mahotsukai ni Narerurashi (Gangan Comics pixiv) by Yu Toyoda
  4. Kachiiki Chohatsu Knight (comics) by Ikuyasu
  5. Uemura Kun Ha Majime Nai Ko. (eyes Comics) by Megane
  6. Undead Puppy (Byo de Wakaru BL) by Sakishita Senmu
  7. Haga-kun wa Kamaretai (Charles Comics) Sakishita Senmu
  8. Shangri-La no Tori (Canna Comics) by Ranmaru Zauraya
  9. Shuga Dogguraifu (ID Comics/gateau Comics) by Yoriko
  10. Oshiete Katekyo (comics) by Sakira
  11. Ichimai Goshi Fetish (Bamboo Comics Qpa Collection) by Uni Yamasaki
  12. Hajimari Wa Nakakara (JUNET Comics Piercings Series) by Atami Michinoku

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Therapy Game (Dear Plus Comics) by Hinohara Meguru

Shizuma wakes up to a man next to him. He couldn’t remember a thing last night as Shizuma was drinking his sorrow away after been dumped by his girlfriend. Minato felt annoyed by this and wanted to take revenge on Shizuma. He has a plan to seduce him then break his heart. This manga is a must read!

Mimori-san no Yarashii Okuchi (Caramel Comics) by Rasu

A very sensual story between a salaryman and a dentist. Mimori always tries to avoid going to the dentist because his mouth is his erogenous zone. But he had no choice to visit the dentist to remove a painful wisdom tooth. A handsome young dentist work on removing Mimori’s wisdom tooth. The dentist noticed Mimori become aroused by oral stimulation. The dentist offered to help Mimori then out of nowhere he suddenly kisses Mimori.

30 Sai Made Dotei Dato Mahotsukai ni Narerurashi (Gangan Comics pixiv) by Yu Toyoda

A highly popular BL manga and has been adapted into a drama. A sweet love comedy, drama with a twist. An awkward shy Adachi turned 30 and has suddenly gained the power to read peoples minds. Adachi finds out his colleague Kurosawa secretly admires him and has a crush on him. Adachi gets himself into tricky situations and Kurosawa sneakily tries to get closer to him. I highly recommend reading this manga as well as watching the drama series.

Kachiiki Chohatsu Knight (comics) by Ikuyasu

Kensuke is a happy go lucky guy but he was intimidated by his colleague, the handsome Matsui, who is more buff than him. He gets all the attention. They both don’t seem eye to eye. Then Kensuki and Matsui coincidently were alone, drinking and challenged each other to a bet. A bet is who can come first. Which is a dangerous bet! As one thing leads to another, as Kensuke and Matsui get hot and sexually physical. It is a very fun read and the drawing are great!

Uemura Kun Ha Majime Nai Ko. (eyes Comics) by Megane

Uemura is a very respectable student but on his own, Uemura has a naughty secret. He loves to masturbate. He can’t help it. He feels slightly guilty of his self pleasuring past times. But his classmate Matsuoka caught Uemura jerking off to pantie. Matsuoka found him sexy and ask him if he can have sex with him. Since then the two boys have been at it like rabbits.

Undead Puppy (Byo de Wakaru BL) by Sakishita Senmu

A truly romantic vampire love story. A vampire Mihail raised a young boy soldier called Johann as his son. Years pass, Johann has grown up to a handsome young man but the vampire still dotes on and treats him as his little angel. But certain circumstances have brought them even closer. If you are a fan of BL vampire this manga I highly recommend reading UnDead Puppy.

Haga-kun wa Kamaretai (Charles Comics) Sakishita Senmu

If you love reading Omegaverse stories. I recommend reading Haga-kun wa Kamaretai by Sakishita Senmu. There is great chemistry between the two main characters (Omega and Alpha).

The story is fun and has a sexy erotic scene. Haga (a virgin omega Ω) end up in prison for a crime he has done. He also has a tooth fetish. An Alpha prison guard Namkiawa has to wear a mask to cover his perfect teeth which can bring unwanted attention from the Omega. Haga sensed something special about Namkiawa’s set of teeth and is extremely attracted to him. Haga will seek any opportunity to get bitten by Namkiawa.

Shangri-La no Tori (Canna Comics) by Ranmaru Zauraya

A story about attraction. Apollo has been hired to work at a brothel, located on a beautiful island. He has been tasked to get the men ready for the client. Apollo is responsible for looking after Phi, the most popular prostitute in the brothel. Apollo gets Phi body ready for the clients however sexual tension starts to rise as both Apollo and Phi get very close. Both men had to obey the rule of the brothel, no sex or fall in love. Phi is curious about Apollo’s past and likes to tease him when he is alone with him.

This manga is very intriguing to read. The scene are drawn so sensual and exotic. Ranmaru Zauraya drawing is fantastic. If you're a fan of Coyote, Void and Liquor and Cigarettes, definitely check out Shangri-La no Tori.

Shuga Dogguraifu (ID Comics/gateau Comics) by Yoriko

A university student Tadazumi is short and has a childlike appearance. Tadazumi walked home alone late at night. He gets stopped by a local police officer Amasawa, who mistaken Tadazumi as a child and asked for his ID. Tadazumi felt annoyed for being mistaken as a child. He meets the police officer again at the convenience store where Tadazumi works. The officer has taken a liking to Tadazumi and asked him to come over to his house for dinner. This manga is such a wholesome, cute story between a student and a local police officer.

Oshiete Katekyo (comics) by Sakira

Uta was invited to Minami home to be Minami’s private teacher. Uta teaches Minami a lesson in lovemaking, and each private session becomes very kinky. Highly recommend this manga if you love a lot of hot sexy action and beautiful drawn men.

Ichimai Goshi Fetish (Bamboo Comics Qpa Collection) by Uni Yamasaki

Yoji Kuroe a graphic design student, asked Toma Kishida a fashion student, to make a cosplay outfit for him. Toma is talented in making cosplay outfits. Toma agrees to create Yoji’s outfit but only if he could model for him wearing skin-tight, full-body spandex. Yoji agrees to his terms and model for Toma. But Toma couldn’t resist temptation and get sexual satisfaction seeing and feeling Yoji in tight spandex.

Hajimari Wa Nakakara (JUNET Comics Piercings Series) by Atami Michinoku

Sho Itoguchi, an office worker who runs a site selling urethra bougies as a hobby, noticed his boss’s Noriyuki Kiyama bought urethra bougies from his website. Sho visits Noriyuki home and teaches him how to use Urethra bougies. While Demonstrating using the urethra boogies, Sho sees Noriyaki immersed in pleasure. Sho can’t help but have a little fun with Noriyaji. Both men decided to continues have sex, while Noriyuki uses the Urethra bougie.
This manga is a great erotic read and makes you blush on each page.

Buy Boy Love Manga Selected by Rebekah Joseph from IT'S A YAOI RECIPE!

Make sure to check out other Boy Love manga titles from these artist mentioned on this list. You can use this article as a guide for buying Boy Love Manga at CD Japan. I hope this list will inspire you for your next read and have in your BL collection.

Boys Love (Yaoi) Manga Department at CDJapan

Where and Why I Choose CD Japan to Buy Boy Love Manga.

I was recommended to buy Manga from CD Japan from my friends. My friends had ordered items from CD Japan before and said CD Japan is a great online store to buy music, game, Anime, figurines, book and other Japanese related items directly from Japan.

I am fujoshi (a fangirl of love BL/Yaoi) I love reading Boy Love Manga. I was searching for more Boy Love Manga to buy directly from Japan. I am also studying Japanese and I wanted to improve my Japanese by reading books in Japanese. In the United Kingdom (where I live), Manga is a small market. Most of the Manga available in UK bookstores is often popular manga titles.

Whereas Manga in Japan is a huge industry and there is so much new Manga I want to explore. There are lots of Manga I have never read. Some may not get translated into English or get a publication in English.

Before I decide to order, I have read the information and A&Q section on their website. I was satisfied with the information and went ahead with my first order. It went very smooth and fast. I was impressed with the packaging and fast delivery.

My books arrived brand new, in perfect condition. with no damage. They took care in packaging my items carefully, so the books don’t get damaged during transit, especially being shipped so far away across the world.

I like the coupons offers and points you can earn, which can be redeemed for your order. I also like the delivery choice and the information about the delivery service.

I had a positive shopping experience shopping at CD Japan. It has now become my new favourite shopping site for buying Manga. I will continue to shop at CD Japan. For each Manga I mention on my podcast, I will also attach the link to where you can buy it from CD Japan site.

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If you have any question or manga recommendation, you can contact me on @reebeksart or visit my website:
I would like to thank CD Japan for reaching out to me and offering me this opportunity to write this article.

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