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With Heckel Sugano, who organized "Budokan" in 1978, as the overall supervisor, the engineers who recorded the show at that time done 2023 remix from 24-channel multi-tapes, and the artwork was done by the same designers as at that time, the commercialization of this Japan-led, Japan-exclusive project has finally been realized.

The LPs include the complete live recordings of the two days are recorded live, and 36 tracks that have never been released. Memorabilia including tickets, pamphlets, posters, and flyers for the first Japan tour. A 60-page color photo book featuring live photos from the airport, press conferences, and Japan shows, off-shoots, and liners. A Japanese booklet containing commentary, testimonies and secret stories from those involved, and lyrics and bilingual translation.

This is a limited edition LP-size boxed set with a bonus collectible (subject to change).

As the first pressing bonus, it comes with a CDJapan exclusive sticker.
Bonus Poster

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