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EGOIST brings the first single in about a year since the release of "Fallen." In the single, EGOIST is responsible for all the main theme songs for the upcoming theatrical anime features from "Project Itoh."

The limited edition includes all the music videos taken in an event "EGOIST showcase*003 “createrecreate”" held in August 2015.

Furthermore, both the limited and regular editions come with an ad poster on a first-come-first-served basis.

"RELOADED" Track Listings


  1. RELOADED (main theme for movie "Genocidal Organ")
  2. Ghost of a smile (main theme for movie "Harmony")
  3. Door (main theme for movie "The Empire of Corpses")
  4. RELOADED -Instrumental-
  5. Ghost of a smile -Instrumental-
  6. Door -Instrumental-

DVD (included in the limited edition)

  1. "RELOADED" Music Video
  2. "Ghost of a smile" Music Video
  3. "Door" Music Video

"RELOADED" Poster Image (poster size: B2)

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