I visited CDJapan Shipping Department early summer in 2017 to have a meeting with my colleagues there. The facility is located in Shizuoka prefecture, where is famous for Mt.Fuji and is about two hours by Shinkansen (bullet train) from our office in Tokyo.

It's located in a separate facility as we need a large storing place equipped with a warehouse management system. I would like to post pics to show how our shipping process generally works.

If an order contains only one item, it just enters the shipping process as soon as the item becomes available.

However, if an order contains multiples of items, it’s shipped once all of them become available. Until then, items are stored specifically for that order in shelves like this.

For example, I just spotted someone's "Persona 5 Original Soundtrack" waiting for other items in the order to come in. What a nice looking CD!

Anyway, CDJapan Shipping Department occupies a large space.

So, staffs use handheld devices like this to make sure correct items are collected from correct shelves when orders become available for shipment.

Orders are put together in each of these small buckets.

Then they are rolled down the conveyor.

Around the conveyors are workstations where staffs package orders after retrieving eligible first press bonus. Even though human beings package orders, the process is automated.

After orders are packaged, they are stacked up so shipping companies can pick them up the following day.

This is why it sometimes take extra time for orders to be shipped out if they enter the shipping process on Friday and before holidays. We send a large number of packages each day. So, shipping companies leave these racks to be used to cart packages to their trucks to be hurried over to the air port.

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