How We Roll Posters

Every day, we roll up hundreds of posters on average. If they were rolled manually, it would take a huge amount of time and may have caused minor damage when they are being rolled. Instead, we use special machine to roll posters instantly.

How We Pack Posters

After posters are rolled up with the machine, we wrap them up using the green paper (you may know if you've ordered at CDJapan) for protection and to prevent the posters from getting unrolled during the shipment. And before it ships, we put it in a solid cardboard tube to prevent any damage during shipment.

How We Store Posters

Rolled-up posters are stored in shelves until orders to include them become available for shipment.

The cardboard tubes are stocked near the shelves.

Inside CDJapan Series

Inside CDJapan: Shipping Process

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