Mix & Match Fashion Tips from Scandal
Scandal X Conomi

Of all the young Japanese bands, "the evolving girly rock band" SCANDAL has gathered much attention from all over the world. Celebrating their new work, we have launched a special feature page!

Here are recommendations by SCANDAL how to complete "the look" with arCONOMi products. If these uniforms seem familiar, you got it right. This is the brand they wore in their previous CD jackets. Now is your chance to enjoy life with these school uniforms!

Recommended Items by Haruna!

Make it simple with gray and navy. Add a color to the simple style with a pink ribbon. Choosing a larger size cardigan will give you a loose and relaxed look.

Autograph comment from HARUNA (Japanese)
Recommended Items by Rina!

Enjoy the lovely and cute combination of a pink shirt matched with a light gray and pink plaid skirt. Add sharpness to the cute outfit with a black ribbon. Roll up your sleeves to complete the look!

Autograph comment from RINA (Japanese)
Recommended Items by Mami!

I added some spice to the simple style with a blue tie. My favorite is the white piping on the blazer! You can also pull off the school look without the blazer.

Autograph comment from Mami (Japanese)
Recommended Items by Tomomi!

I opt for the red ribbon. This style is best to wear in a loose, relaxed fit. School uniforms make girls look five times cute!

Autograph comment from Tomomi (Japanese)

SCANDAL is a girlie Pop/Rock band which was formed by four high school girls in Osaka in 2006. Their singles released on indie label became a hit and drew attetion in music industry. In 2008, they are expanding the range of activities globally through concert tours and live performances at various festivals like Japan Nite US Tour 2008 (US), Sakura-Con (US), Japan Expo (France) and Ani-Com (Hong Kong). In October of that year, they released their major debut single "Doll" and all of their releases became hits. They have become even more popular today because of their media appearances.

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