Unfortunately, Avex Pictures, the publisher of popular anime "Osomatsu-san" is restricting exports of Blu-ray, DVD, and CD titles!!! It DOES NOT apply to any other item from other suppliers, including music CDs and other items by Avex Trax. This restriction has been applied to all online shops within Japan, including CDJapan. In accordance to the restriction, majority of titles published by Avex Pictures will become unavailable for shipment outside of Japan as of the following time. Restriction applied at 6:00PM (Japan Time UTC+9) on February 15, 2017 After the above indicated time, it will no longer be available for any order to be shipped outside of Japan! To clarify which items will be restricted, the following indication will be displayed right on the product page. However, all existing orders as well as all orders placed BEFORE the above indicated time will be shipped normally. We will send a CDJapan exclusive KG-size picture to customers who purchase "Osomatsu-san Kakure Episode" drama CD (illustration different for each of the 3 CDs) BEFORE 6:00PM (Japan Time UTC+9) on February 15, 2017!
external bonus image


Bonus is shipped with each CD.

Special external bonus gift with complete set!

Get a bonus gift by ordering all the series of "Osomatsu-san Kakure" drama CD (volume 1 through 3)!
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*Bonus Type

Illustrated Box to house the 3 CDs.


Your bonus will be send with the last volume.


February 15, 2017.
Even if you order each volume separately, you will receive the bonus gift.


By purchasing the whole set of Drama CD, you are automatically on our list to get the bonus gift.
Please remember quantities can be limited so make your order as soon as possible!

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