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No Skips! 5

This album is super energetic in the best way possible! Every song hits hard and I can confidently say there are no skips here. Strongly recommend!!

Great Album! 5

Love the themes from Death Note anime series? This is where you can get them from this cd and the artist's music doesn't disappoint either. From the first track to the last, you know you're listening to something amazing. If love this type of music regardless you're a fan of the show or not, this is one cd that make you head bang all day long!


quick delivery, and cheapest price around! the cd was in excellent condition. will buy from cdjapan again in the future. thankyou!

Hard-hitting music! 5

The music is this cd is very hard-hitting so if you are looking for that type of music, then this album will be suitable for you! I like this album very much! This was the first album I purchased of Maximum the Hormone! Excellent! Thank you!



Fools!!!!!!!! 5

If you don't purchase this album you are indeed a FOOL! This is one of the greatest albums I have listened to in awhile! There is no 1 favorite song because you can have soooooo much fun throughout the entire album. Stop reading this review and purchase this album already!

Yet Another Great Album 5

?Buiikikaesu? is Maximum the Hormone?s 2007 album. Maximum the Hormone is a popular J-Rock band from Japan, consisting of 4 members. Buiikikaesu is their 6th album, and is, overall, their most successful album. Two of the songs on this album were featured as the opening and closing song to a popular Japanese anime named ?Death Note?. Those two songs alone boosted their popularity greatly, and now that the anime has come to America, their fanbase will grow more. ?Buiikikaesu? shows how much they have grown as a band since Ryo joined the band as a vocalist/guitarist. Their songs are intoxicatingly happy, and just as catchy. While ?Whats Up People?? and ?Zetsubou Billy? are the most popular on the album, my favorites would have to be ?Buiiki Kaesu!!? and ?Koi no Mega Lover?, both catchy songs that I can put on repeat for hours without tiring of them. This album that is as astounding as their others to long time fans who have been with them since ?A.S.A Crew? (1999), and is a great album to get the newer crowd into them as well. But I must warn the newest J-Rockers- once you go for Maximum the Hormone, you can never go back. This band will keep you coming back for more.

Yet another A-class album from MTH. 5

Maximum the Hormone is famous for their funky metal approach, and this album is not an exception. This is funk/metal/j-rock at it's prime. As always the musicianship is great, the production is good and the songwriting is great. There's songs for almost everyone here and they never get boring. They have such a unique sound and a happy feeling that no songs feel like fillers. Any respectable MTH fan already got this album in their collection, so i don't need to recommend it to fans. But people who are new to MTH's funky magic should really try this album out. There's a big chance that you'll end up having a very good time amongst the 13 songs this album has to offer. Favourite songs on this album.. ehm. Buiikikaesu, Zetsubou Billy, Kuso Breakin No Breakin Lily, Black \ Power G Menspy, Shimi and Koi no Mega Lover. Yeah.. that was like, half the album.

Danger: Headbanging May Ensue 5

The new album from J-rock screwballs Maximum the Hormone delivers knockout punches one after the other. Led by the inimitable Ryo Kawakita and propelled from the drumkit by his older sister Nowa, the band has tightened their sound considerably since 2005's "Rokkinpo Goroshi", and seem to improve with each and every album they issue. While their anime theme songs are good, the band is at their best when left entirely to their own devices. "Kusou Breakin' Nou Breakin' Lily" is a straight-up fun song to boogie to, while Daisuke Han's possessed screaming of "Power-nya people!" on "Policeman Bents" will have devil horns raised everywhere. "Bikini Sports Ponchin" is an unexpected highlight of the set, as the band smashes effortlessly through riff after riff. The band leaves no margin for error even at the end of the 13-song set, closing out with the mammoth "What's up people?!", "Chuuchuu Lovely Munimuni Muramura Prinprin Boron Nururu Rerorero", "Shimmy" and the anthemic hit "Koi no Mega Lover", all back to back. These guys are ones to watch for the future, and this is *the* record to buy for anyone wanting a real taste of what J-rock is really about. Just watch for headbanging whiplash.


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