FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN Original Soundtrack Customer Reviews

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A must-have 5

If you like the film FF7 AC and you like the heavy-metal music, this CD is a must-have for you. Every song is good, try to get it!

The best soundtrack 5

I never heard better music! It's sure that I'm a fan of soundtrack, but that one is the best. The sound is fantastic and when we lestend it, we can have the impression to be in to the movie. I advise to everyone who's fan of the movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children to buy that fantastic soundtrack!!!

FFVII dvent Children OST 5

The FFVII:AC OST is one of the best, if not the best, of music compilations I have ever come across. The styles are mixed together creating an ambience that fits perfectly with the film it had been created to. Deserves to be praised.

Excelent 5

I think this is one of the best sound tracks I've ever heard and it add alot to the movie and game that the movie is based on. If you are thinking of getting this stop thinking just get it!

Uematsu does it..AGAIN!!! 5

Hey..this soundtrack is superb!! Even those who are not a FF fan likes those tracks It wll be better if you watch the movie first..and then hear the soundtracks.. You will get addicted!!!

Ultra Cool ! 5

A must for Final Fantasy VII and Nobuo Uematsu fans! Original and superb remastered work of music from Nobuo Uetmatsu!

Square Enix does it again 5

Nothing short of amazing. It just makes you love the movie (and the game) all over again. While watching the movie, I was astonished at just how well the music fit each scene; it made it into something unique; made it alive. I've listened to this album so much that I can name each of the songs by heart-- and that's just after the first 3 seconds. I love movie scores, but I have never enjoyed one so much as this. If you loved the game, and you loved the movie, then this is totally worth the investment.

Greatest music 5

My ears and brain melt every time I listen to this-It has some of the best music I have ever heard. The piano music versions are thrilling to listen to, and the original compositions blend in wonderfuly with the FFVII music. It flows so smoothly, and its a must-have for any FF fan.

An Additional OST for the FF7 Soundtrack 5

To those who Love the FF7 OST this soundtrack is a must have. it it include alot of arranged tracks from the game as well as some new and Updated tracks like One Wingged Angel, Jenova, and a couple others. you won't be disappointed.

Freaken Sweet! 5

Freaken sweet! What more can I say! It includes every piece of music used in the movie, one of the most complete movie OSTs I've ever seen. Many familiar themes from FF7 and along with many new memorable ones. Best piece in this soundtrack has to be the reworked version of "One-Winged Angel," which I'm assuming was performed by Nobou Uematsu's The Black Mages.

Something FFish 4

Nobuo Uematsu never lets you down. As I really liked the music in Final fantasy Advent children, I pretty much concider this a must have. I especially liked the cd 2 with One winged angel and J-E-N-O-V-A and Calling not that there would be anything wrong with cd 1 either. As most of the tracks are remakes it kind of brings back memories. But this also means you might not like the remakes because they ARE remakes.

advent children 5

what should anybody say wenn the music is perfect only that it is truly perfect *smile* changing between melanchiloc, hounting and much more other thing a masterpice


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