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flower power 5

LOTUS was a nice contrast from HAGESHISA... The packaging is exactly the same format as HAGESHISA'S (minus OBI). The slipcase is glossy, however, which fits with the water on the cover. It also comes with a sticker. Lotus was great, but not my favorite. For one, I thought the balance between Kyo's real vocals and additional vocals was annoying. They were the same volume so that Kyo would be screaming in your ear, even though he doesn't even scream in the song. OBSCURE is interesting. It definitely fits more into their recent sound and has a different tone to it. I do, however, enjoy the original for it's dark quality. The live version of REIKETSU NARISEBA is cool and all, but you can find a live version on their DVD, youtube, etc. It is, however, still an energetic live performance and fun to listen to. The DVD is my favorite part of the single. It contains 3 live performances! one being a song from their FILTH single! The performances were pretty good quality and a treat to watch. Overall, the packaging was awesome, the music was decent, and the DVD was great! Even if the CD for me was just okay, the DVD makes up for it! The lotus is a persuasive plant

Excellent 5

When I first ordered this I was thinking it would be all the same style as their "激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇" single from 2 years back. While it wasn't the style I was expecting completely I still highly enjoyed the album. I especially loved the remake of Obscure, only I can't decided which I like more the original or the new one (lol). Now as for the DVD loved Zan and LIE BURIED, but wasn't a big fan of Gyakujo though I can't say I ever cared much for the song in the first place. Still seeing it live was still neat. All in all though it's just what I'd expect from Dir En Grey. Overall 10/10 and can't wait for their next album.

Fantastic single and fantastic service! 5

This single is one of their best ones and I cannot wait until their new CD comes out. The CD/DVD edition is amazingly packaged and the poster was a great bonus! This is a huge must for any Dir en grey fan! Shipping was incredibly fast and I am extremely pleased! I will be ordering from CDJapan again! Thank you!

Great Single 4

I've rated the Limited Edition higher because of the extra content and great packaging. The packaging was the same as the Hageshi.....single (minus OBI). It had a slipcase and then a mini vinyl-like case that housed the CD and DVD. This version also came with a sticker :D The CD is the same (of course) but the DVD was a real treat for me. Quality-wise it was great, looks just like one of their DVD concerts. It was great to see them play a song from Kisou, and a pretty solid performance at that. Zan and Lie buried with a vengeance were also great performances. Overall, 8/10. Great CD, Sweet DVD, and awesome packaging. Can't wait for their new album!

This single was OK 3

This single was O.K. for the most part. Lotus was good lyric wise and Kyo did a good job with his vocals on this. The music itself and guitar work was good. Now to my negative about this single. It may be because I love Shokubeni so much or because I was expecting something of that feel and magnitude be similar but I just didn't like the remake. In my honest opinion I believe the original Obscure was better, in feel and sound. As for the third song I didn't like. I felt it to be somewhat lacking. This is why I gave this single the score I did. I'm a long time dir en grey fan and own almost all their dvds and cds, and while I may not like every song they put out there are always songs that I just can't stop rocking to, (Shokubeni, Vinushka, Obscure, Kodou, Red, umbrella, withering to death, saku, etc) but this single is average, Lotus was good but they destroyed Obscure which was already just perfect and an unmemorable third song which I don't think anyone cares about. Long story short if you like Dir en grey Lotus won't disappoint. If you liked the original obscure then you probably wont like it. The third song suck.

Awesome! 5

I have received my CD today and it's awesome! the artwork looks really nice =) Lotus is a very good song, reminds me a little to Dozing Green. I was impressed by Obscure, i wasn't expecting it to be that great (actually i like it more than Lotus) Reiketsu Nariseba has been for a long time one of my favourites but i will say that this version is only ok. I haven't watched the DVD yet but i know it will be great. One of the best singles by Dir en grey!

Track list (As of 12/2/2010) Pre-Release Comment

Here is the current tracklist from the band's website: CD 1. LOTUS 2. OBSCURE 3. Reiketsu Nariseba *Live take at SHINKIBA STUDIO COAST on July 20, 2010 DVD THE UNWAVERING FACT OF TOMORROW TOUR2010 2010.07.21 SHINKIBA STUDIO COAST 1. Zan 2. LIE BURIED WITH A VENGEANCE 3. Gyakujoutannou Keloidmilk


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