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Ayumi Hamasaki

Maybe a perfect album? 5

Secret is still amazing after all these years. Secret may contain Ayu's most recent classic song AKA Blue Bird. The album is packed with enthusiasm from start to finish. It is definitely easy to listen to while emulating fun at the same time.

Good album 5

A good album very pop and rock!!! The PV's are very good and the booklet is beautiful. I love the song kiss o' kill and Jewel. 1 LOVE, STARIN' are amazing song.This album is a must in the Ayu's dicography.

Secret 4

An okay album. It has some good experimental material but in the long run it seemed rushed. But the good material that is on there outshines the bad.

Different, But Solid 4

Something definitely felt different about this album compared to some of her other ones. Feels like a full-blown rock album from the J-pop queen. I like some of her rock numbers but not really the ones on this particular album. It wasn't Humming 7/4 material. That was only the beginning though...all her j-pop stuff is in the second part of the album. One of my absolute favorite ballads and Ayu songs is on this album though: Jewel. It has to be one of the saddest songs I have ever heard...the piano and her voice together are absolutely brilliant. It sets such a sad mood that makes you want to cry. I really love Momentum and Beautiful Fighters too. Very pretty cover art.

It is AYU 5

What can I say it is Ayumi hamasaki.. If you love her music then you going to love this album too. I try to get ever album I can...

Ermmm... 4

A bit similar to miss(understood)["BLUE BIRD" sounds like fairyland, just a bit, and actually the PV's very similar."Beautiful Fighters" is very similar to "ladies night"]. But all the other tracks are simply great. I widely recommend: until that Day Startin' 1 LOVE It was JEWEL Born To Be kiss o' kill*SPECIALLY THIS ONE Secret If you're new on her music, THIS ALBUM WILL MAKE YOU LOVE HER!!!

Secret, very good 5

This album by ayu shows us what she's good at, great pop songs crafted to please fans and newcomers, it may seem that she revives some old hits by producing them into new songs, but they're still effective and make it an enjoyable album.

Electro-pop! 5

Though it has been criticized, I just love that album, from the very first to the very last song! The whole album is made like a story, with an introduction, a happening, an end and a revelation! It's pleasant because it is various; pop, electro, musical arrangment, mix of cute music-box song and rock, american chorus, ethnic music... this is a really dynamic album, and Ayu is really prooving she can do a lot of things, a lot of styles! All the people whom I made listen this album did like it. These people didn't like her,or never knew she might ever exists, and yet they liked this album. The only one song that is preferred to the album by everybody is "Evolution"...

It could be better 3

Although "Secret" is a great work I don't like it all From 14 songs 3 are interludes and some more are previously released.. But if you are fan of ayu I think that you would like it

Best Ayu's album ever! 5

This album really rocks! even if sales aren't as much as it deserved though... This album is the real masterpiece by Ayu, really deserved more and more sales, instead of her old mainstream albums

This album rocks! it ain't no Secret! 5

What an amazing work! This CD is perfectly balanced with superb rock tracks, very nice ballads, and a nice mood in general. It worths every penny you pay for it. I got the CD+DVD version and everithing is perfect. Thank you all at CdJapan!

Another Great Album! 5

Hamasaki, Ayumi releases another great album! It is catchy and addictive. The extra DVD is of course a wonderful addition.

A Most Savoury Secret 5

The Queen of Jpop is back with one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2006. [Secret] is, in short, an album that'll both blow you away and lure you into its beauty at the same time. In truth, Hamasaki has never sounded better. Her vocal growth is especially evident in rock tunes like '1LOVE' where she wowed listeners over with her breathtaking and powerful performance. You almost want to ask yourself: "Is this the Ayu we knew?" However, signature ballads like 'JEWEL' and 'It was' would immediately invite you into Hamasaki's moving and enchanting world. 'JEWEL' is a track that will move you to tears with its sheer beauty. There is also her return to the pop-techno mix with her upbeat track, 'MOMENTUM'. It was a nice change to hear Hamasaki once again doing the type of music where she undoubtedly holds the reign over. In all, the album is a perfect mix of rock (ever more rocking this time round), pop, and ballads -everything in its best form you can ever. Take it from Ayumi Hamasaki, and enjoy the winter season with [Secret].

Ayumi at her best! 5

This is certainly the best album Ayumi has released so far, and I speak from experience as I have them all. This album combines many different musical styles: it has rockish songs (Until that day, 1 LOVE), it has tear-jerking ballads (JEWEL, momentum), it has addictive dance songs guaranteed to make you dance (Startin', Beautiful Fighters). And Ayumi truly is talented in all of those! The DVD perfects this item, making it a "must have" for all Ayumi fans and if you're new to Ayumi, this is the perfect start. She isn't called the Queen of J-Pop for nothing.

Ayumi's Secret 5

Ayumi Hamasaki's "Secret" is a really great album! The video's are enough to buy it! Especially Jewel and Momentum! >^_^< I skipped none of the tracks as there all so different. I really love all the songs and thats why it's hard to choose favourites, otherwise id choose the whole tracklisting! If you go and buy it, you won't be disappointed or wasting anything. Arigatou Ayumi, Fantastic album!

Other great release from Ayu 5

Again this release from Ayumi is great, every one of the 14 tracks cd have a good sound quality, and the dvd come with many of the main themes in the cd, also come with the making of... this time my favorites are Born To Be... (specially this one) Blue Bird and Beautiful Fighters, this last some funny too. If you are a true fan of Ayu, you need buy it.

Touches my heart! 5

This is one of my most favorite albums ever!!! 2'nd best from album would be "My Story" =P this album really shows so much beauty and maturity in Ayu. DVD is so great!!! Very interesting -n- beautiful...makes you feel happy =P MUST BUY!!! Best songs include "JEWEL", "Momentum", "1 LOVE", and "Kiss O' Kill"

The Secret is that there are no secret. 4

Great album from ayumi! I loved most of the songs on this album, especially, "Jewel" and "Momentum". With this album we can got a big poster which is wonderfull ! Enjoy !

An upgrade from old songs 4

This album once started off as a mini album, but Ayu came up with so many ideas it would be a waste to release it so short. This album brings back the feel of Unite, Evolution and Seasons which are awesome songs. ayumi went back to work with some of her old famous producers back to her roots and it made the album sound so sweet. And the dvd is worth it too check this album out and also check out A-Best 2 a perfect companion to this album..

Superb and Flawless! 5

Another great album from Ms. Hamasaki! This CD literally rocks (more rock influenced tracks than her previous albums). It's also her most musically sophisticated album yet and is extremely well structured. Instrumental tunes break the album in to 3 sections. First are the hard-driving rock tunes (1 Love, Until That Day, etc.), then come the soft ballads (Jewel, Momentum) and finally the pop styled tunes for which she is most famous (Blue Bird, Beautiful Fighters, etc.). It ends with an "encore" of sorts - a rock song followed by the ballad, Secret. That structure, combined with the quality of music and her vocal performance, makes for a flawless album that becomes a unique work unto itself - far more than just a collection of songs. And despite the wide range of styles, they all maintain that unmistakable Hamasaki feeling. The videos are well done, with the possible exception of "Born to Be." The song is my absolute favorite on the album, but the PV is a noble experiment that ultimately results in a series of over-exposed images. The videos for Startin', Jewel and Momentum more than make up for it, though. Definitely worth the purchase. You'll play it over and over again.


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